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Q Least Square

Q-Least Square (QLS) is a 100 percent automatic trading robot. Q-Least Square Expert Advisor trades on many currency pairs as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY opening only one order at same time. The trading robot is highly reliable, as it has been trading on a real account and my account. The money-management system allows you to put at risk only 5%, 10 or 20% of your deposit. Each deal is protected by stop loss orders. You can put Q-Least Square on M15, M30, H1 or H4 time frames.

Trading Strategy and Result

Q-Least Square is based on technical analysis, Least Square Regression and Timing. The Strategy using the recovering of price on specific times. The low target profit help reducing risk and increase win rate of each deal. However, Q-Least Square contains technical analysis and "1010010..." only. So it's better if you pause the trading robot before the great fundamental events like Lehman Brother bankruptcy, Brexit or North Korea nuclear war.

Q-Least Square was tested for 5 years. The 90% quality results are shown on Screenshots. It has been run and tested on real account. I'm using Q-Least Square on my real account right now. The trading robot is highly reliable, especially on EURUSD.


Guide to customize the trading robot

  • Trading_Strategy contain:
    • Safe: very safe strategy with suitable result
    • Standard: Balanced strategy with average result
    • Risky: a brave strategy for whom think big
    • Insane: the day before you get marriage
    • I_dont_care: The ideal that you only live one
  • Riskfactor contain:
    • Small: 5% your account
    • Normal: 10% your account
    • greedy: 20% your account
  • Alert contain:
    • PopUpAlert: Alert on MT4
    • EmailAlert: Send to your email you set up on MT4
    • PushAlert: Push Notifications Alert
  • period : "The number of bars used for the indicator calculations: at least 50";
  • TF:"EA run on Timeframe of M15,M30,H1,H4 only";
  • History:"You cannot test the time before EUROzone and EUR was established. For sure, Test after 2010";

For any question and support, please do not hesitate to contact me. Leave your review and comment.

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Version 1.94 2016.12.09
Allow to manually change stoploss and GMT-tradetime