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Black Cobra

The EA can work on 10 currency pairs simultaneously.


  • Symbols - the number of active pairs, from 1 to 10 as a drop-down list:
    • OnePair
    • TwoPairs
    • ThreePairs
    • FourPairs
    • FivePairs
    • SixPairs
    • SevenPairs
    • EightPairs
    • NinePairs
    • TenPairs
  • _1_S - list of currency pairs of the first category;
  • _2_S - list of currency pairs of the second category;
  • _3_S - list of currency pairs of the third category;
  • Prefix - in case your currency pairs contain any prefix, enter it here (if the field is left blank, the prefix will be added to the currency pairs automatically; however, it can be in automatic mode only if the currency pair without the prefix contains exactly 6 characters);
Each list may contain no more than 4 currency pairs. Each subsequent list of the currency pairs is a continuation of the previous one. Therefore, the first pair in the second list is considered as 5, and in the third - 9.
  • Symbol_1 - the symbol that will be used as the first currency pair available in the drop-down list;
    • S_0 - do not use (when this parameter is selected, the first currency pair will be ignored);
    • S_1 - the first pair in the list of currency pairs;
    • S_2 - the second pair in the list of currency pairs;
    • and so on...
Below are 9 similar lists
  • StopLimit - trading mode. If enabled, the robot will trade breakout orders, if disabled - rebound orders.
  • Transactions - if greater than 0, the robot will automatically change the trading mode in the case of closing with a loss. Specify the number of consecutive unprofitable orders here, after which the robot changes the trading mode for the pair, where the losses have been received;
  • RiskPercent - risk % for auto money management;
  • MM - automated money management;
  • Lot - lot size if the auto money management is disabled;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage;
  • Spread - the flag of using the MaxSpread filter (if off, the EA will trade with any spread);
  • MaxSpread - allowable spread value (if the current spread exceeds this value, the EA will delete pending orders and will stop trading for a while until spread is reduced);
  • StopLossPercentage - distance to the protective stop order as a percentage of the deposit;
  • StopLoss - minimum stop loss distance;
  • TakeProfit - distance to the take profit level;
  • TrailStart - trailing stop;
  • TrailStep - trailing step;
  • NoLoss - breakeven level;
  • MinProfitNoLoss - profit for the breakeven function;
  • TimeStop - the pause time before trailing orders significantly increases the average position holding time, in some cases it allows to increase profit;
  • TimeDelimiter - the coefficient to divide the value of the TimeStop parameter - this results in the pause time for moving the order to breakeven;
  • VirtualTrail - virtual trailing, invisible to the broker;
  • Step - this is a very important parameter, which is responsible for the EA performance. Placing of pending orders and all further calculations are performed in accordance with this parameter. The smaller this value is, the more often the robot will open trades;
  • UseTime - EA timing flag;
  • BeginTime - trading start time;
  • EndTime - trading end time;
  • UseFriday - allow trading on Friday;
  • CloseFriday - the flag disables order deletion on Friday before marker closure;
  • Comments - show info on chart;
  • Magic - identifier of orders;
  • Drawdown - allowed drawdown per pair, when reached the pair is blocked;
  • MaxCandle - if the current candlestick is greater than this value, the EA will block pending order modification in the candlestick direction for some time. If zero - not used;
  • MinCandle - if the current candlestick is less than this value, the EA will modify (move further) the pending order in the candlestick direction, because short candles can be a sign of price reversal. If zero - not used;

It also has parameters of some standard indicators included into the MetaTrader 4 terminal package. These indicators are not used by default, you can enable them if you wish. The indicators can work separately and together.

2017.03.09 15:09 

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Azuan Noor
2017.01.06 22:39 

Just Installed and bang $175 on NFP. Let see in next few months. Support was great.

Igor Yakovlev
2016.10.25 20:50 

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Lee Bryant
2016.10.11 14:53 

Excellent seller, works well on live account

Version 1.3 - 2017.01.17
Significantly expanded functionality of the Expert Advisor.
Version 1.2 - 2016.12.15
The Expert Advisor functionality has been greatly expanded.
Version 1.1 - 2016.11.14
Added external parameters for controlling the EA operation by time, as well as the ability to trade using fixed lot.