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Fast Trade MT5 Demo

This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. It is equipped with the necessary functions for manual and semi-automated trading, due to the presence of the order trailing feature, trailing stop and automatic closure by equity, profit, time. You can use it to automate your trading system. All you have to do is open a position and set the parameters for maintenance, everything else will be handled by the EA. If you want to limit your losses, set the automatic closure by equity, all positions will be closed automatically once this level is reached. If you are trading actively, the "hot keys" are available. They allow to quickly open a position of a certain type, close positions of a certain type or all at once.


  • Works on any account type and broker.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Can be moved around the workspace and placed in any convenient location.
  • When restarted, stores its location and entered parameters.
  • Consumes minimal CPU resources.
  • "Hot keys" - You can assign any hot keys for opening/closing position/positions, except those that are predefined in the terminal.
  • Instant reaction of the program to pressing the "Hot keys"


  • OpenPosition: Easy and fast selection of the volume of a position to open. It has a large box for entering the volume directly from the keyboard or for setting the volume using mouse. Displays the required margin and tick value for the entered volume. Or automatic selection of volume based on the percentage of the free equity.
  • ClosePosition: allows to quickly close all positions by a specific type, only unprofitable or only profitable ones. It can also close positions on all symbols at once.
  • SetOrder: Allows to place a grid of orders with increasing/decreasing volume of each subsequent order, with increasing/decreasing step between orders.
  • DeleteOrder: Delete all orders or only orders of a specific type. It is possible to delete orders on all symbols at once.
  • TrailingStop:
    • Simple: Simple trailing following the price at the specified distance.
    • Parabolic: Trailing based on the Parabolic SAR indicator.
    • Moving: Trailing based on the Moving Average indicator.
    • It is also possible to set the distance from the selected indicator.
  • TrailingOrder: Selection of the trailing type is the same as in TrailingStop, with the exception that the structure of order grid is preserved during order trailing.
  • Main Settings: Here you can set the Magic, Slippage, and also set the assign the hot keys for: opening a BUY position, opening a SELL position, closing BUY positions, closing SELL positions, closing all positions of all types.

Attention! The demo version allows to work only with SELL positions and orders.

You can purchase the full version here.

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Version 1.4 - 2016.11.08
Added the information window.
Version 1.3 - 2016.10.28
Optimized the EA.
Version 1.2 - 2016.09.30
Added "Hot keys" that can be defined by user.
The hot keys can be assigned to:
-Opening a BUY position
-Opening a SELL position
-Closing all BUY orders
-Closing all SELL orders
-Closing all orders of all types.
Modified the interface.