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Ultimate Timer

We introduce you to the Ultimate Timer! This timer shows the time remaining for the current candle to close with the following features:

  1. Never stops nor hangs, even if the graphic where installed does not receive ticks.
  2. You can change the timer positioning: following the price, top right or bottom right.
  3. You can change the font size of the timer.
  4. You can change both the color of the timer and the color of the little arrow that points to the price (which appears when you choose the "Following the price" mode).

Simply the best candle timer you will find!

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Version 4.0 2018.08.21
In this new version you can find a new smarter little arrow instead of the former "<=" when the timer follows the price.

Besides you can add the broker time to the candle timer (remember that the broker time can be substancially different to the local trader time).

Finally, we have fixed the "out of range" error you obtained when changing the timeframe or the instrument in the same graphic where you have installed the timer.