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White Strategy

This Expert Advisor uses the Bollinger Bands for market-entry-signals.

It creates Stop-Loss-level and Take-Profit-level for every order. Also there is implemented a Trailing-Stop-function to maximize profits.

A spread-filter only allows to trade, when the actual spread is not greater than 3 (you can modify this setting). Also there is a filter to prevent that slippage is to high.

It contains also a trading hours filter. When activated, it is possible to say the EA on which hours not to trade.

The Expert Advisor is optimized on the Pair AUD/NZD M5. The Backtest goes over 10 years. The optimized parameters of this backtest are the adjusted standard-parameters.

It is important, that the Spread is lower than 3.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write me a message. Please also have a look to my Website (German language).

Description of variables

  • Lotsize - Choose your preferred Lotsize.
  • Period - Period of Bollinger-Bands.
  • Deviaton - Deviation of Bollinger-Bands.
  • Candle - The indicator shift relative to the chart.
  • CandlePrice - Applied price.
  • MagicNumber - Magic Number of Order.
  • SL_percentage - Choose how many per cent the SL should lay away from market entry.
  • TP_percentage - Choose how many per cent the TP should lay away from market entry.
  • TrailingStop - Distance of Trailing Stop.
  • TrailingStopActive - Choose if Trailing Stop should be active/inactive.
  • Slippage - Choose your slippage tolerance.
  • MaxSpread - Choose the maximum allowed spread for trading.
  • TimeControl - Switch Time Control on/off.
  • HourStartGMT - Choose, when the EA should start trading. Type Values from 00:00-24:00.
  • HourStopGMT - Choose, when the EA should stop trading. Type Values from 00:00-24:00.
  • GmtOffsetForTest - Only for testing-mode and optimization-mode of the Expert Advisor. Choose your Timezone. GMT + x. This function is only for backtest purposes to determine the correct timezone. In live trading mode GMT-time is always used.
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