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InSUREr multicurrency semi automatic EA

We present the «InSUREr», a multi-currency semi-automatic Expert Advisor.

Forex trading without the use of stop loss implies high risks, that are not suitable for those focused on getting a stable monthly income over a long time.

When working with a stop loss, especially on the Forex, the price often reaches the stop level first and after that it reaches the take profit. In most cases, it would be wise to perform a re-entry at the price level where the original signal was received, provided that the local extremums of the price chart were not updated.

The «InSUREr» multi-currency semi-automatic Expert Advisor works exclusively when a stop loss is triggered in a loss. That is, the EA places stop or limit orders depending on where the price is located after the stop loss triggers. In most cases (during low volatility) those will be stop orders. At the same time, the parameters of the pending orders will be identical to those of the trade closed by stop loss.

Note: The EA will not open new trades if the stop loss of the previous trade was moved to the positive side (to breakeven) or if the open trade was manually closed by the trader.

The EA monitors the buy and sell trades individually. The EA moves the stop loss level to breakeven once the price reaches a certain distance into the profit, but if the breakeven triggers, the EA will not perform a re-entry.

The EA operation requires the traded instruments to be displayed in the Market Watch. It is sufficient to run the EA on a single chart of the terminal.

Settings of the «InSUREr» EA

  • inpPrefix = "exf_"; prefix (must not be empty!)
  • inpMagic = 2016; magic number
  • inpSlippage = 30; slippage
  • inpEscortDays = 7; the number of day for maintaining (displaying of the account history must be set to the number of days greater than or equal to the inpEscortDays)
  • inpEscortTimer = 500; maintenance periodicity, ms
  • inpSlOrdersComment = "[sl]"; comment to orders closed by SL (this comment differs at some brokers, select the one used by the broker)
  • inpTpOrdersComment = "[tp]"; comment to orders closed by TP (this comment differs at some brokers, select the one used by the broker)
  • inpUseBE = false; use breakeven
  • inpPipsBE = 1000; the number of points to move to breakeven
  • inpSendMail = false; send e-mail messages.
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