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The Expert Advisor works by placing pending orders in both directions. If the price activates one of the orders and moves the opposite direction afterwards, the averaging system is enabled. If the price simply moves away from the order, the system starts moving it keeping a certain distance. The recommended currency pair is GBPUSD H1. The default settings after optimization are provided below.


Expert Advisor

  • More_Orders = false – if enabled, more than one sell stop and buy stop can be set on the current candle after closing a market order, i.e. until there is crossing, 1) place buy stop if none present, 2) place sell stop if none present.
  • Step = 50 – distance in points from the market price to buy stop/sell stop.
  • Step_Interval = 120 – step in points used by pending orders to follow the market price.
  • SL = 0 – stop loss.
  • TP = 170 – take profit.
  • Average = true – enable averaging.
  • TP_Step_Mod_in_Spred = 2 – take profit modification step (for the order grid) changed using the equation: TP_Step_Mod_in_Spred*current spread.
  • Lots =0.01 – lot, fixed lot is used if > 0.
  • Risk=1 – if Lots = 0, the money management is applied.
  • Lot_Koef = 1.3 – lot multiplier.
  • Use_Max_Lot = true – multiplier for the next order is based on the order with the largest lot.
  • Use_Summ_Lot = false – multiplier for the next order is based on the total amount of lots of same type orders. Set only one parameter to true: either Use_Max_Lot or Use_Summ_Lot. If both Use_Max_Lot and Use_Summ_Lot = false, lot of next orders is not multiplied.

Trailing Stop

  • TrailingAll=true – enable trailing for the entire pack of same-type orders.
  • Profit_Level_Trailing = 60 – profit level in points. When reached by an order/pack of same-type orders, a trailing stop is activated.
  • TrailingStop=40 – TrailingStop distance in points - the distance from the price to trail the stop loss.
  • TrailingStep=60 – step in points, after which stop loss is modified.


  • BreakevenAll=false – disable breakeven for the entire pack of same-type orders.
    Profit_Level=30 – an order/a pack of same-type orders moves to profit of the stated number of points (for breakeven).
  • SL_Plus = 10 – set a breakeven of an order+SL_Plus in points.
  • Slip=5 – slippage.
  • Magic =1 – magic number.
John Obermaier
John Obermaier 2018.04.25 20:52 

Nice averaging system, as always be carefull with lot size and market conditions. Great work thank you