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Autolock Expert Advisor is based on the mathematical system with no indicators.

The first order direction is specified in the settings, then the algorithm sets to work.

The main operation principle - no averaging till the opposite order is closed by trailing.

The EA uses averaging with martingale, trailing and stop orders.

The product can be used as an assistant - select NOTRADE as the frist order type and magic = 0.


  • First order type – first order type.
  • martingale mode – martingale type.
  • martingale geometric progression – geometric progression step.
  • martingale arithmetic progression – arithmetic progression step.
  • step averaging – step in points for averaging orders.
  • stopOrders step – distance between stop orders and trailing line.
  • martingale smart step close – calculate averaging order lot based on closing distance.
  • averaged no more than once per N minute – average no more than once per N minutes.
  • trailbars – trailing stop by a price of the specified minute bar, as well as moving stop orders to the price.
  • autolot– lot auto increase when increasing a deposit.
  • lotsize – initial lot.
  • stoploss in points – stop loss in points.
  • breakeven+step in points – breakeven + step in points.
  • trailstep – trailing stop step.
  • slippage – price slippage.
  • OrderMagicNumber – magic number.
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Jianfeng Yang
2016.09.09 16:51 

H1? M15?

Nikolay Moskalev
2016.08.28 13:43 

Своих денег однозначно стоит

Version 1.2 - 2016.09.14
Improved the display of trailing on the chart
Improved the trailing algorithm
Version 1.1 - 2016.09.01
Optimized the code