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The Expert Advisor is based on the 'WPRSI signal' indicator.


It opens an order on a new bar after the signal.

An arrow remains on the signal position.

The indicator parameters are taken from the current chart.

No indicator inputs are available.

The EA works well on M15.

The best results are obtained when used as a scalper, higher lot but less profit.

Virtual stop level and take rpofit are not visible to the broker.

  • Lot = 0.01 - lot value.
  • Monday - trading on Monday allowed or not.
  • Tuesday - trading on Tuesday allowed or not.
  • Wednesday - trading on Wednesday allowed or not.
  • Thursday - trading on Thursday allowed or not.
  • Friday - trading on Friday allowed or not.
  • Breakeven - enable/disable the breakeven function.
  • The amount of starting BY - amount, at which the breakeven function should trigger.
  • Profit for the BY - to amount of profit to protect by breakeven.
  • Trailing Stop - enable/disable the trailing stop function.
  • Sum start TR-stop - the value of the trailing stop.
  • The total take profit - enable/disable the common take profit for all orders.
  • The amount of take profit - the take profit value in the deposit currency.
  • The overall Stop Loss - enable/disable the common stop loss for all orders.
  • The amount of stop loss - the stop loss value in the deposit currency.
  • Stop Trafficking - stop trading after profit/loss.
  • Fast Close - emergency closure.
  • Color information - select color.
  • Not active information - select color of inactive information.
  • Active information - select color of active information.
  • Profit - select color for profit.
  • Sag - select color for drawdown.
  • Orders BUY - select color for Buy orders
  • Orders SELL - select color for Sell orders
  • Removing tags
  • Magic number - use it for multi-currency trading!
  • The Information - display information.

Before purchasing, test on a demo account or in the strategy tester.

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