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GoodTrade is the very first Expert Advisor purchased on the Market. On the occasion of the second anniversary of availability of the Expert Advisor on the Market, you are now looking at the second version of the Expert Advisor featuring a completely updated operating logic. GoodTrade now uses a new universal trading signal suitable for various trading instruments and working over long time periods. By default, the Expert Advisor is set to trade GBPUSD. Try it for other trading instruments. Set and optimize the parameters in accordance with the values specified in brackets (Start-Step-Stop).

The GoodTrade Expert Advisor does not use Martingale strategies or averaging!

Adjustable Parameters:

  • Magic - Number that allows the EA to identify its positions;
  • Order Comment - Order comment;
  • Max Spread - Maximum allowable spread in points upon position opening;
  • Slippage - Maximum allowable price slippage in points when trading;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss level in points from the open price;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit level in points from the open price;
  • Min % Profit - Hidden Take Profit. The minimum Take Profit level, calculated as a percentage of Take Profit;
  • Max % Loss - Hidden Stop Loss. The maximum Stop Loss level upon appearance of the relevant signal. It is calculated as a percentage of Stop Loss;
  • Fix Lot - Fixed lot/position volume. If Fix Lot > MM % Lot or Fix Lot=0, we use MM % Lot;
  • MM % Lot - Percent of free margin for the calculation of lot/position volume;
  • Requote Attempts - Number of attempts to perform a trading operation upon Requote;
  • Parameter 1 - Parameter 6 - Trading signal parameters;
  • Min Seconds Position Life - Minimum lifetime of an open position in seconds;
  • Order Filling Type - Type of order execution.


  • 3-5 digit price support.
  • Operation on any time frame.

A Note from the Author:

The Expert Advisor will be constantly improved.

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