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Scalping Machine Modification

This is a modified Scalping Machine robot. Orders 2 and 3, as well as their take_profit have been deleted and the new strategy function has been added. Also, the EA now features EA trading time upon popular demand. Besides, the new spread_filter function has been added (now, the EA considers the spread). This is an improved version. Users can choose between Scalping Machine or Scalping Machine modification.


  1. Uses only pending orders;
  2. Take profit and stop loss are used in each deal;
  3. Open orders are picked up and trading is continued after crashes or PC resets;
  4. Enable/disable martingale
  5. Open deals in a certain time;
  6. Spread is taken into account.

Customizable parameters

  • lot_1 - order volume
  • take_profit_1 - fixed profit
  • ATR - search for the entry point
  • Coeficient - support ATR
  • miv_period - signal period
  • model - moving average model
  • ma_price - candle Open/Close price
  • martin - enable (true), disable (false) of the martingale
  • strategy - if true, the EA buys till a loss-making deal occurs. When it happens, false mode is enabled and the EA perform a sell. The function is repeated over and over.
  • spread_filter - filter the spread. For example, if the value is 3, the EA does not open positions if the spread is 4.
  • slippage_open - slippage when opening an order
  • slippage_close - slippage when closing an order
  • Start_Hour - order open hour
  • Start_Min - order open minute
  • End_Hour - order close hour
  • End_Min - order close minute

Please post your tests and trading reports. Share your most efficient settings. Good luck!

Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.23 17:59 

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Ali irwan
2017.08.17 16:40 

If using martingale is a profit, but the risk is great.!

2017.07.22 20:55 

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Loris Pezzetta
2017.05.30 14:54 

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Maksym Mudrakov
2017.02.09 14:10 

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Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.08 09:50 

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