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Breakout system Envelopes

The system is based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. The Envelopes indicator is used as an additional signal filter. Trading is performed by pending orders.


  • MM - automated money management;
  • Lot - lot size (if the automated money management is disabled);
  • RiskPercent - risk percentage (for the automated money management);
  • Distans - indent from support/resistance levels for setting pending orders;
  • ModifyTP - indentation of the take profit when the price approaches during order trailing;
  • TakeProfit - distance to the take profit;
  • AStoploss - There are two modes for placing stop losses;
    • SL_Pips - Mechanical (in points),
    • SL_Avto - Automatic (according to the strategy),
  • StopLoss - Distance to the stop loss in points (in mechanical mode);
  • Slippage - allowed slippage;
  • Spread - allowed spread;
  • TrailingStop - order trailing;
  • TrailingStart - trailing start of orders (in points);
  • StepTrailing - order trailing step (in points);
  • StopLevel - move to breakeven;
  • NoLoss - level to start moving to breakeven (in points);
  • MinProfitNoLoss - profit when moving to breakeven;
  • Magic - order identifier;
  • Comments - display on the chart the table with calculations of average spread percentages for all period of the EA operation;
  • EnvPeriod - number of bars for calculation;
  • EnvShift - Shift;
  • EnvMethod - Calculation method;
  • EnvPrice - price used to plot the indicator (Close, Open, Average, etc.).
  • EnvDeviation - channel width.

The EA can be easily optimized. Generally, it is necessary to optimize the indicator used as the signal filter.


  • Instant order execution - ECN;
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS;
  • Currency pair EURUSD (with any prefixes, like EURUSD.f etc.);
  • Chart timeframe - M15.

Attention: : Make sure to comply with the currency pair and timeframe requirements.

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