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The trading system is based on three standard indicators — "Relative Vigor Index": RVI, "Standard Deviation": StdDev and "On Balance Volume": OBV.

The EA has been optimized for the EURUSD pair on 30-minute timeframe.

During trading, it is necessary to consider the ratio of the "MPos" (the number of positions opened in the same direction) and "RiskPercent" (traded deposit percentage) parameters, and also, it is obligatory to use an acceptable values for the StopLoss value!

Input Parameters

  • MAGICMA — Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • TakeProfit — Take Profit value in points;
  • StopLoss — Stop Loss value in points;
  • point— Integer value, the minimum distance from the nearest positions in the same direction
  • rviSignal— Integer value, taken by the RVI indicator;
  • stdSignal— Integer value, taken by the StdDev indicator;
  • delta — Additional integer value to calculate the parameters of the internal function for the StdDev indicator;
  • MPos — The maximum number of positions opened in one direction (Long or Short);
  • fixedLots — Lot size mode for new positions (false — trading percent of deposit, true — trading minimum lot);
  • _lot — Minimum lot for trading with fixed order volume;
  • DecreaseFactor — Decrease deposit load after losing deals;
  • RiskPercent— Maximum percent of the deposit in trades.
Jaime Inostroza
Jaime Inostroza 2016.08.02 06:44   

Have you a .set optimised for another TF?


Version 1.2 2016.08.16
Changed the function of the preliminary calculation of a stop loss level for some currency pairs.