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TerminalFX4 is a trading panel for the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The TerminalFX4 trading panel is intended to inform the user about status of the terminal, opened account and trading operations performed on it. You can use it both separately and for monitoring any other experts.

The panel ca be attached to any window, it will display orders on all available pairs.

Input Parameters

  • Spread_alert - critical spread value, if exceeded the spread in the table will be displayed in red;
  • Digits_5 - trading in the terminal with 5 decimal places;
  • Daily_in_pips - display daily quotes as a percentage or points (also depends on the value of Digits_5)
  • Printing_messages - display/hide messages in the "Experts" tab;
  • Set_default - initial location of the main windows of the trading panel;

The values of input parameters can be quickly changed by pressing "MENU";

Build 105 allows to:

  • Inform about the daily changes in quotes for all instruments available for trading (as percentage or points).
  • Set the total TakeProfit in the deposit currency for all opened orders;
  • Set the total StopLoss in the deposit currency for all opened orders;
  • Close all open orders by pressing a single button;
  • Group open and pending orders in the table by the available instruments;
  • Close single orders, repeating the close command if an error occurs;
  • Close order groups, repeating the close command if an error occurs;
  • Position the control panel on the screen at the user's discretion with binding to the account number;

The future builds will implement features for opening new orders, automated trading and panel of stock quotes..

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