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XAU EA Free is a fully automatic Forex trading Expert Advisor. The robot can run on any instrument, but the results are better on XAUUSD M30. The system can run with the brokers providing floating spread. This EA showed stable trading results during testing (90% modelling quality) for all supported instruments on the entire period of tick history (over 7 years).


  • Trading is fully automated.
  • Optimization is not required.
  • High operability, no excess settings.
  • CONSTANT use of stop loss to protect a capital.
  • No need to disable the robot during news releases.
  • Intelligent automatic system of tracking open orders. Real take profit and stop loss levels are set. Fully adapted for the actual price movement.
  • It is advisable to use on VPS. Ping to the broker's server may be around 100 ms, which is enough, because trades are opened in a quiet market.


  • AtrRisk=2 – distance to stop loss
  • Slippage=50 – maximum allowed slippage
  • Starthour=2 – time to start trading
  • Endhour=23 – time to end a transaction
  • Magicnumber – magic number to be used, so that the EA does not mix up with other EAs or manual trades.


  • Lots:---System minimum order quantity ,Cannot modify

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