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Simple Patterns

Are you an experienced EA Trader? Do you know

  • Grid / Martingale trading runs account curve into a straight line upwards, but you should know sooner or later it will blow up your account
  • You won't feel comfortable putting large amount of money on High Frequency Trading (HFT), because just little network delay / disconnection to broker server could cause you huge loss
  • MT4 backtest result on a higher timeframe is dramatically different from the lowest timeframe (M1)

Simple Patterns

  • No Hedging, Grid, Martingale, Pyramid, HFT
  • Open only ONE clean trade each time with stop loss and take profit per 3-4 days
  • Precisely calculate entry position for potential price movement using ATR and pure price actions
  • No restrictions on timeframes, date ranges or symbols
  • Backtest shows promising result on EURUSD, GBPUSD for more than 10 years. You can discover best settings for other symbols


  • Backtest the EA with smallest timeframe (M1)
  • You could but it is not advised to close orders manually as it will interfere the trading behavior of the EA, which breaks the rules of what we tested in the Strategy Tester (if backtest has already shown promising result, why do we still need to close orders manually?)
  • Trading requires losses. Do accept loss, be patient, risk the money you affordable to lose
  • You can test it with different timeframes, date ranges or symbols, but for each symbol you have to find the best TP / SL / TS / BE in order to make it effiicient (use Optimization in Strategy Tester)


DO NOT expect this EA can print money for you in a very fast way. This EA is legit and realistic with proper stop loss. You can set your risk percentage per trade in the EA.


Below default settings apply to EURUSD only.

  • Magic Number - number to identify orders
  • Fixed Lot Size - default 0.01
  • Risk % (0-100, 0 to disable) - default 0, if input > 0, lot size will vary based on account size %, and auto overwrite "Fixed Lot Size" option
  • Stop Loss (pips) - default 40 = 40 pips (for GBPUSD default 50)
  • Take Profit (pips) - default 300 = 300 pips (for GBPUSD default 320)
  • Trailing Stop (pips) - default 95 = 95 pips (for GBPUSD default 90)
  • Break Even (pips) - default 0 = 0 pips (for GBPUSD default 0)
  • Slippage (pips) - default 3 = 3 pips
  • Partial Close % (0-100, 0 to disable) - default 0, if input > 0, orders will partially close when price > Partial Close Trigger (pips)
  • Partial Close Trigger (pips) - default 0, trigger partial close pips
  • Avoid Weekend Entry - default True, avoid open trade on weekend
  • Enable CoolDownOnNextTrade - default False, enable cooldown of previously closed trade and next open trade
  • CoolDownMinutesOnNextTrade - default 60, cooldown minutes
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