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The Adagio Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) is designed for trading several financial instruments (currency pairs, forwards/futures) simultaneously from one account through the Metatrader 5 Trading Platform. 

It provides interaction of all copies of the Expert Advisor trading different instruments as regards issues of shared use of funds and limitation of portfolio risks. 

The Expert Advisor uses three trading systems, three stop placement systems, two money management systems, five time management systems. Each copy of the Expert Advisor can use an optional combination of the four system types as described above.

The Expert Advisor enables remote control through a trading server by placement of pending orders (or by opening positions) with the three instruments selected by the user.

The setting file of the Expert Advisor contains 100 external parameters. However, most of them do not influence trading behavior of the Expert Advisor and just help to adapt it to different markets and the broker’s server settings. In most cases their default values are optimal. 

The Expert Advisor has been tested not only on MetaQuotes Software Corp.’s server but also on the servers of brokers giving access to the Forex and CFD Shares/Indices Markets, as well as commodities, and the futures market (FORTS Section of the Moscow Exchange). 

For user guide see the comments.

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Version 2.8 - 2016.11.24
The program fully supports the functionality of version 2.5. Update is related to the addition of support for the ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_HEDGING mode in the MetaTrader 5. The version 2.5 had worked incorrectly with it. Also, the version 2.8 provides additional features and strategies that are not yet documented. To increase the optimization and testing speed, the graphical interface is disabled by default. The variables required to turn it on are described in the user guide.
Version 2.5 - 2015.09.01
The version 2.5 of the Adagio trading robot has been developed completely in the object-oriented style.

Implemented the ability to add to the already opened position. Position "reversal" is performed by a single order. Added the ability to use limit orders.

Significantly improved trading strategies.

Added the new graphical inteface, including the graphical control panel for manual trading. All graphical inteface elements can be disabled for using from the virtual hosting.

Added the ability to send messages via email and push notifications.