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This robot uses intelligent analysis of the market, using many indicators and advanced multiple trendy filters. Traded price twists on 30 minutes TF. The robot is equipped with sophisticated management of positions and rescue mode for the liquidation of unprofitable positions. Best results are achieved on EURUSD M30 with 5 digits quotes and minimal spread. Good results can also be achieved on GBPUSD.

  • no martingale
  • no grid
  • no hedging
  • easy setup


  • StartTrading - start trading in format HH:MM or HH
  • EndTrading - end trading in format HH:MM or HH, 0:00 to 0:00 is nonstop
  • TimeFrame - basic time period to calculate a trading signal
  • Main Lot - basic lot
  • Main Lot plus - increasing Lot, 0 = Off
  • Lot plus when profit $ - increase Main Lot in this profit
  • Maximum Lot size - maximum lot size when is enabled Lot Plus
  • Maximum open trades - the maximum number of currently open trades
  • MaxSpread - when the spread is greater, will not be open trade
  • Close this part of the volume in % - for example:70 (%), when is MainLot=1, so will be closed 0.7 lot and 0.3 lot remains open
  • Close part in this profit in pips - the aforementioned part of the trade will be close in this profit
  • StopLoss in pips - close the trade in the loss
  • SL on Open price (profit in pips) - in this profit, SL move to open price
  • TP on Open price (loss in pips) - in this loss, TP move to open price
  • SL/TP on Open price plus (pips)... - setting a small profit for the function SL/TP on Open price
  • Start TrailingSL in this profit -start to move SL from this profit
  • TrailingSL distance pips - moves SL in this distance from the price
  • TrailingSL step (pips) - for example: 0.1 or 0.5 or 1 or 2 etc.
  • Use Rescue mode - True = if needed, will be used rescue operations
  • Min.distance of trades in pips - next trade will not be open closer than specified
  • Slippage - the maximum allowed slippage for opening or closing trade
  • Magic - when using multiple EA must be set to a different number
  • Comment - textual comment for the trades

Rescue mode

When are opened more than three losing trades in one direction, so is activated Rescue Mode. Other trades will be managed separately and their profits will be sacrificed against the most lossy trade.

Bogdan Cristian Mavrodin
2016.07.11 13:08 

First few trades were in profit. Backtest looks good. Five stars for now