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Draco Gold

EA based on the stock price. It is always present in the market by analyzing the trend impulses and setbacks, therefore taking advantage of all movements. It works on any timeframe.


From the very beginning, this EA calculates the volatility of the instrument to define a Stop Loss and Take Hidden Profit, which prevents from sudden price movements.

It is forming a grate around the trading price delimiting when you close a position and opens another, not only the same type if you have closed with profits but also when the opposite type if closing with losses. The declared Take Profit is figurative.

It is a strategy that goes through cycles. A cycle may be composed of several positions with buying and selling volume increases, ending when the entire has benefits. It then starts a new one with the initial value entered in the "Lots" parameter.


System designed to use with GOLD.

We recommend working with several instruments at once, if capital when capital allows it.

It requires a protection capital to cushion unusually long moments of laterality or indecision in the price.

If the automatic system with opened positions stops, it is advisable to put a Stop Loss and Take Profit manually at each position.


As it is a system that is growing by lots, for safety reasons, we recommend that starts with 0.01 lots for each $ 5,000.00 .

The increase of the initial value "Lots" must be accompanied by a proportional increase in capital.


  • Lots - Value by default 0.01 lots
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