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Clmentn Bee

CLMENTN BEE Expert Advisor designed to trade on EURUSD. The strategy is based on the RSI, STOCH, Parobolic SAR and MA with a period of 200 on the M5 and H1 timeframes.

Live Real Account Signal:

Real Live Signal Coming Soon...

Parameters CLMENTN BEE

  • Lot Size 1 - beginning lot size. 0.01 by default
  • Lot Size 2 - second lot size (Lot3 = Lot1 + Lot2) (Lot4 = Lot2 + Lot3). 0.02 by default
  • Next Pip Value - min. distance between Lot1 and Lot2. 5 by default
  • Next Pip Step - min. distance between Lot2 and Lot3... (NextPip Value + Next Pip Step) For example: Lot3 and Lot4 distance (NextPip Value + 2*Next Pip Step). 2 by default
  • Take Profit - distance to fix profit. 10 by default
  • Stoploss - distance to fix loss. 0 by default
  • Two Way Trading - open Short / Long position at the same time when all conditions are true. True by default
  • Two Way Begin Step - same time trading beginning step. 1 by default
  • Trailing Stop Start - distance at which the Stop Loss will be moved after the current price, but only if the positions is profitable. 0 by default
  • Trailing Stop Step - step for the TrailingStop to trigger. 0 by default

About SETs

I set optimum properties as default, if you want to change some properties it may cause a change in the result, profit and max DD.

For Example: 10.000 Deposit. and 1:100 Leverage

Safe Risk Sets; Testing for 2015 showed 27% Profit (you can use this sets with $1000 deposit, it caused %29 max dd total net profit %270)

  • Lot1: 0.01
  • Lot2: 0.02
  • Max DD: %2.94 (357$)
  • Total Net Profit: 2.703$

Low Risk Sets; Testing for 2015 showed 54% Profit

  • Lot1: 0.02
  • Lot2: 0.04
  • Max DD: %6 (710$)
  • Total Net Profit: 5.400$

Medium Risk Sets; Testing for 2015 showed 110% Profit

  • Lot1: 0.04
  • Lot2: 0.08
  • Max DD: %13 (1.420$)
  • Total Net Profit: 10.800$

High Risk Sets; Testing for 2015 showed 220% Profit

  • Lot1: 0.08
  • Lot2: 0.16
  • Max DD: %26 (2.800$)
  • Total Net Profit: 22.000$

Note: We are using M5 and now only EURUSD. For other pairs, I am working, and I will send set doc.

Do not set take profit and other properties, it will cause a different result.

You can change EA open close time.... maybe FED and ECB time you may pause the EA... for very low DD... as you wish.

About Cost

Price is going to increase every 10 purchases.

For first 10 purchases, price is $2500 then every new 10 purchases the price increases by + $500



Frank B
Frank B 2016.08.16 14:03 

Kind of Martingale. Very dangerous if the trend is against the EA. I started with 5000 EUR and low-risk-Sets. After first day I have stopped manuell with 14 % DD (700 EUR losses). That's much more DD than you can see in the backtests. Never trust a backtest or a Demo-Signal!

Maybe the EA works good if there are calm days with no news, but for me the DD was too big just on my start with this EA.

Now Author is working on an update. Hope that I can make a better rating in the future.

Update 30.06. : First trades with the new Set (using SL) with good results

Update 16.08.16 Even with new Set not profitable

Version 1.10 2016.06.17
Version 1.10 - 2016.06.03

Added new parameters

- Stop Loss Step; If we select 5, EA SL all positions when fifth position opens. 0 by default
- Stop Loss PSAR; Open positions Stoploss are following Parabolic SAR Points at the timeframe you selected. None by default
- Max Step; Maximum allowed open step. 14 by default
- Pause Active Trades;

Time Filter = TRUE
Pause Active Trades = TRUE

The EA does not open new step between Break Time Start - Break Time End if we have open positions before Break Time Start.

Time Filter = TRUE
Pause Active Trades = FALSE

The EA opens new step between Break Time Start - Break Time End if we have open positions before Break Time Start.

Time Filter = FALSE
Pause Active Trades = FALSE/TRUE

The EA is active all day.

Note: if Time Filter is FALSE, Pause Active Trades option is deactivated.