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Trade panel with autopilot lite

The EA implements a reversal strategy which uses the analysis of prices databases of ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE type for generating signals. Statistical observations of the price databases of different timeframes allows to make an assumption about a possible vector of price movement. The probability of such an event is shown as scale and as a percentage. The functionality of the trade panel allows sending requests for the broker to execute trading operations. This EA uses market orders. You can additionally reduce or increase the volume of a position, close and protect a position, and enable autopilot.

Autopilot means automated trading based on the signals of the panel. The mode can be activated by pressing the appropriate button.

Input Variables

  • inp_open_Buy - Threshold values for opening Buy;
  • inp_close_Buy - Threshold values for closing Buy;
  • inp_open_Sell - Threshold values for opening Sell;
  • inp_close_Sell - Threshold values for closing Sell;
  • inp_on_lot - if "false" lot size is calculated as percentage of the equity, otherwise fixed lot is used;
  • inp_lot_fix - Fixed lot;
  • inp_lot_perc - Percentage of equity (%) for calculation of lot;
  • on_off_SL - Stop Loss (On/Off);
  • tff - Timeframe for calculating the SL.

Additional Information

  • Input parameters of the panel can be optimized in the strategy tester. In order to do that, enable the autopilot;
  • It is possible to select the method for lot size calculation of orders: fixed or equity percentage;
  • It is possible to enable the setting the stop loss, the SL levels are calculated based on fractals.
  • During a position reversal, manually placed orders are also considered. The position is fully closed first, and only then an opposite one is opened.

Lite Version Limitations

  • The input parameters can not be optimized in the strategy tester.
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