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VFX Levels Demo

This analyzer can be very useful for those who trade price action, since the full version automatically detects and draws important levels of support and resistance, identifies the direction of market movement and can draw channel this movement, draws Fibonacci retracement of the current or previous market movement, displays important economic news for the current symbol, with the time since the last and the time until the next, besides the times of the main market sessions.

Demo: This is a demo version and has the following limitations:

  • Draw a small amount of support and resistance levels;
  • No draws channel in the direction of market movement;
  • No draws the Fibonacci retracement;
  • No displays the economic news;
  • No displays the times of the market sessions.

The full version is available at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16502.


  • It works with all symbols and timeframes;
  • Detects and draws important levels of support and resistance of the current timeframe;
  • Identifies and displays in the chart the direction of the market movement of all timeframes;
  • Identifies the candles with significant volumes to the trader, according to the reference factor specified;
  • To facilitate its identification on the chart, the levels show in its description the date and time of occurrence.

Input Parameters

  • Levels Period: inform the period, between 3 and 120, for identifying the support and resistance levels;
  • Market Direction Period: inform the period, between 3 and 120, for identifying the direction of the market movement;
  • Volume Factor: inform the reference factor for identify candles with significant volumes (an asterisk is included just below the candle) - informing zero means that will not be set;
  • Color Levels: set colors to represent the support and resistance levels.
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