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The "Balancer" indicator is designed for visual comparison and matching of rates of two crosses.

The interactive window displays the lots of the majors that comprise the crosses and the difference in the rates of crosses (in pips and a histogram).

The colors indicate the estimated direction of the entry: red - sell, green - buy.

The indicator can only be attached to a cross currency pair. Selection of the second pair (cross only) is interactive.

Before using this product, make sure that both crosses and majors you want to use are available in the "Market Watch" window.

Initial settings

  • shift begin bar - initial shift of the reference point.
  • lot of base cross - lot of the base cross.
  • value of level in pips - virtual entry level.

Later, it is possible to change any settings and switch timeframes during the operation of the indicator. This will not affect the parameters you set.

The detailed description of the indicator operation is provided in the video.

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