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Green Aura

What is green aura?

Green Aura is automated trading tools (expert advisor for MT4 both 4 or 5 digits).

What you get from this EA:

  1. Simply single attached EA to trade any symbol:
    • Chart symbol
    • Trading symbols you define
    • Any symbol from market watch window
  2. Signal Generator using one or combination of indicators:
    • Moving Average
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Stochastic Oscillator
    • Custom Fibonacci level
  3. Option to auto open position or just alert when the signal come
  4. Option to send email when opening an order
  5. Define TP manually or using risk reward ratio based on SL
  6. Lot management option:
    • Manual
    • Risk by SL
    • Percent of free margin
  7. Trailing stop with break even option and auto trailing
  8. Orders close management based on total profit or loss
  9. Trading hours

Settings (use pips)

  • SymbolsSource: Symbols you want to trade
    • Chart = chart symbol only
    • TradingSymbols = symbols define in TradingSymbols
    • MarketWatch = any symbol in the Market Watch window
  • TradingSymbols: An option for SymbolsSource (symbols you define to trade separated by comma)
  • UsePushSignal: Always push a signal when no order (continuous) (false/true)
  • PushSignal: Signal you want to push
    • AlwaysBuy
    • AlwaysSell
    • Automatic (Buy/Sell)
  • UseMovingAverage: Use moving average to find signal (false/true)
    • (Using 2 moving average MA1 & MA2)
  • MASignal: Define signal when MA1 & MA2 crosses
    • Buy if MA1>MA2, Sell if MA2>MA1
    • Buy if MA2>MA1, Sell if MA1>MA2
  • MABarsToHoldSignal: How many bars to keep signal valid when moving averages generate signal (1-...)
  • UseParabolicSAR: Use parabolic SAR to find signal (false/true)
  • SARBarsToHoldSignal: How many bars to keep signal valid when SAR generates signal (1-...)
  • UseStochastic: Use Stochastic Oscillator to find signal (false/true)
  • StoBarsToHoldSignal: How many bars to keep signal valid when Stochastic generates signal (1-...)
  • UseFibonacci: Use Fibonacci level to find signal (false/true)
  • FiboBars: How many bars to calculate Fibonacci level
  • FiboMinHeight: Minimum height (upper-lower) required to generate signal
  • FiboSignalLevel1 & FiboSignalLevel2: The level limit to generate signal, beyond these levels no signal will be generated
  • FiboSignalReverse: Define trend based on Fibonacci (false/true)
    • false = keep the trend (used for retracement)
    • true = reverse the trend (used for breakout against the trend)
  • AutoOP: Automatically open order when there's a signal (true/false)
  • SendEmail: Automatically send email when there's a signal (Need email setting) (true/false)
  • MaxTrades: Number of maximum orders allowed
  • Magic: Magic number
  • UseNewCandle: Open new position only if there's no opened order on current candle time of chart (true/false)
  • UseRiskRewardRatio: Define TP using RiskRewardRatio based on SL (false/true)
    • false = Use manual setting of SL & TP, don't use RiskRewardRatio
    • true = Use RiskRewardRatio (SL not zero and manual TP is unused)
  • RiskRewardRatio: Ratio for TP to SL
    • (eg. RiskRewardRatio=3 then TP is 3 times SL. If SL=20 then TP will be 60)
  • ManualLot: Lot to trade (unused when UseRiskBySL or UsePercentOfFreeMargin true)
  • UseRiskBySL: Lot calculation based on Risk and SL (false/true)
    • false = Don't use
    • true = Use (lot will be automatically calculated based on Risk & SL. UsePercentOfFreeMargin should be false)
  • UsePercentOfFreeMargin: Lot calculation based on free margin
    • false = Don't use
    • true = Use (lot will be automatically calculated based on PercentOfFreeMargin and free margin available. UseRiskBySL should be false)
  • UseLastLotWhenLoss: When last order loss, use the same lot for next order though UseRiskBySL or UsePercentOfFreeMargin true (false/true)
    • false = Lot for next order will be calculated if UseRiskBySL or UsePercentOfFreeMargin true (lot should be less than last lot)
    • true = Push to use the last lot
  • EnableBreakEven: Use break even (false/true)
  • BEPips: How many pips to set break even when EnableBreakEven true
  • BEExtPips: How many extension pips (from order open price) to set when break even set. If 0 then break even set to order open price.
  • UseTrail: Enable trailing when true
  • UseAutoTrail: Enable auto trailing based on time frame (TrailingLevel & TrailingStep unused)
  • AutoTrailTF: Time frame for auto trailing (higher time frame = higher range)
  • TrailingLevel: How many pips to trigger trailing (used only when UseTrail=true & UseAutoTrail=false)
  • TrailingStep: How many pips to trail when TrailingLevel reached (used only when UseTrail=true & UseAutoTrail=false)
  • CloseOnTotalProfit: Close all orders when TotalProfitToClose reached (true/false)
  • TotalProfitToClose: Total profit to close all orders
  • CloseOnTotalLoss: Close all orders when TotalLossToClose reached (true/false)
  • TotalLossToClose: Total loss to close all orders (amount only, NOT USE MINUS SIGN)
  • UseTradingHours: Only open orders on trading hours (true/false)
  • StartTrading: Start trading hour
  • StopTrading: Stop trading hour
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Version 3.62 2016.07.27
UseNewCandle: Open new position only if there's no opened order on current candle time of chart (true/false)