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Trading in both directions (buy and sell), we don't close the profitable direction trades, we manage them after the opposite side orders are closed.

We manage the two directions as two independent systems.

Expert Advisor Settings

The Expert Advisor setup is not very simple. However, the default settings also show good results. Available tools:

  • Lot - Start lot;
  • tp - take profit;
  • distance - the distance between trades in grid;
  • plus - lot increment;
  • maxLots - maximum trading volume in case of autocalculation.
  • maxOrders - maximum orders this ea can open.
  • openTrendOrder - open hedge orders;
  • trendOrderLots - hedge order lot.
  • trendDistance - hedge order distance.
  • useKFilter - use k line to avoid opening risky orders.
  • KFilterLength - k line length.
  • KTimeFrame - k line time frame.
  • continueTradeAfterClose - if false, when orders are closed, EA will not open new orders, set this to false before major news.
  • magicOne - order magic number.
  • magicTwo - order magic number.
  • maxSpreadAllowed - maximum spread, at which market entries are still allowed.

All settings have been optimized for trading EURUSD with five decimal places. This EA works on all timeframes.

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Version 1.1 - 2016.05.18
Use better tip message in english.
1.spread too high tip.
2.open order failed tip.