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Rebatoz is an Expert Adviser designed to collect rebate from IB (Introducer Broker).

Its strategy is not so special but aimed to make as many as possible orders to draw up pips from your IB. Because it adopts old school strategy (hedge and martingale), please do a proper backtesting and account balance research in order to make this EA run smoothly.


  1. Lots: trade volume expense for initial order
  2. Take Profit: factor to calculate expected profit after initial order closed
  3. Scalping Take Profit: take profit pips of scalping orders
  4. Defense Take Profit: take profit pips of defense orders
  5. Multiplier: factor to multiply trade volume of hedge order
  6. Hedge Step: pips distance between initial order and hedge order or hedge orders on each other
  7. Maximum Orders: maximum orders allowed to be placed; whether it comes from initial order and hedge orders
  8. Magic Number: a unique number to make an order more readable by the EA
  9. Show InfoInfo: true/false - to show or not to show display info
  10. Background: background color of display info
  11. Pips Rebate: a number of given pips from your IB (Introducer Broker) for every placed order
  12. Equity Stoploss Percent: a stoploss level created based on account equity availability
  13. Volatility Factor: a factor to calculate entry signal - greater value will resulted lesser signal


Because Martingale and hedge trading strategy are involved, please re-calculate your risk management and do proper backtesting before using this EA on your real account.


Rebatoz is a Metatrader 4 paid application. However, all results obtained from its usage either in form of profit, loss or damage are not its developer's responsibility. Buyers should understand previous clause before deciding to buy or rent Rebatoz.

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