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BG Trend

BG Trend is a new Expert Advisor for trading GBPCHF. The used timeframe is H1.

This trend expert is based on a simple idea - if the price moves a certain number of points from the last significant extremum, then there is a great possibility that it moves some number of points more in the same direction. The assumption is based on the fact that any price movement has a certain strength. If the price has already passed a great distance from the extremum, it means that the strength of the currency motion allows the EA to receive profit on the continuation of the trend.

The EA uses two indicators for entries. Those are the standard ZigZag and the indicator of support/resistance levels.

The indicators determine the best parameters for entry basing on the price chart analysis.

Each order is assigned a stop loss. The EA enters the market by two orders, the first is closed by take profit, the second one is transferred to breakeven and the trailing stop is activated, which sometimes allows to take double the value of take profit from the market.

The minimum deposit of $300 is recommended for comfortable work.

The screenshots depict testing on history data over the last year with different type of money management.

The EA has been tested on the other instruments as well, but the best results were obtained on the GBPCHF.

To get the best results, I recommend performing optimization every three months on the history period of one year. The files with the settings will be posted in the «Comments» section.

Main Parameters

  • ZigZag: timeframe zigzag, 0-current schedule; Depth; Deviation; Backstep - the ZigZag indicator settings. Not recommended to change.
  • SupRes: pivotStrength; maxLookBackBars; pivotPipDiff ; zonePipSize – settings of the support/resistance levels indicator. Not recommended to change.
  • Color_1 – the color of the upper level;
  • Color_2 – the color of the lower level;
  • input offset from the support-resistance levels in points – the distance in points to/from the nearest level at which the EA opens an order;
  • Parameters steps Trailing Stop – trailing stop parameters.
  • transfer to breakeven level(points) – transfer to breakeven in points;
  • distance trailing – trailing start;
  • trailing step – trailing step;
  • Trade Parametrs – trading parameters.
  • Extremum_Step – the distance in points from the nearest extremum, at which an order will be opened;
  • stop loss - stop loss in points;
  • take profit – take profit in points;
  • lots worker – working lot in case the autolot function is disabled;
  • risk(Lots=Balance*0.001*Risk), 0-off – autolot function;
  • magic - unique number of the EA orders.
  • opening signal when – alert that notifies the trader that a new order has been opened.
Frank B
Frank B 2016.07.10 15:35 


husar2003 2016.06.01 11:40 

Backtest and real trading match each other.

No pip scalping no annoying pending orders with noise.

After 1 month rental I earned the money to buy this EA that looks understandable.

One of the EA i would give a chance to newbies and as a addon to other protfolios.