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Loss Recovery Trader Premium

Premium version of the Loss Recovery Trader EA with a significant number of additions.

Additional Features

1) Open trades using Trend Extreme Strategy
  • entry_trend_score: Enter a value between 0 to 100. This value determines how strong the Trend score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed.
  • entry_extreme_score: Enter a value between -100 to 0. This value determines how strong the Extreme score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed. Negative value is to be placed.
  • Seek confirmation (true/false): Setting this to 'true' will imply the EA will look for two consecutive candles to the trend direction prior to opening the trade.
  • counter_trend_trades: Setting this to 'true' implies sell trade will open when a symbol is overbought and buy trade when a symbol is oversold irrespective of the Trend Score.
  • minpipmove: Minimum pip move in one direction the symbol needs to make in order for trades to initiate.
  • trend_timframe: Select, which timeframe the Trend Score will be calculated at.
  • extreme_timframe: Select, which timeframe the Extreme Score will be calculated at.
  • confirmation_candles_timframe: Select, which timeframe the seek confirmation candles will be calculated at.
  • rerun_minutes: This is how often in minutes the Expert Advisor will recalculate the Trend/Extreme scores.

2) Open trades using Double Trader Strategy

  • MagicBuy: Magic number to be used for buy trades.
  • MagicSell: Magic number to be used for sell trades.

Use a separate magic number for the above two and also to be different from the other magic number used by the EA.

  • Second_Trade_TP: Once the first trade has been closed, you can have the second trade close with a different take profit (smaller) as you want to avoid recovery and your first trade already closed at a profit.
  • Use_Extreme_Filter: Optional feature to prevent the initialization of this placing trades using this strategy when the market is found to be in extreme conditions (oversold/overbought).
  • Extreme_Limit: Enter as a value from 0 to 100 how extreme (oversold/overbought) the market should be to prevent new trades.
  • DTrader_extreme_timframe: Timeframe, under which the Extreme score is calculated.

3) Multi currency risk management

These limits once breached will prevent opening new first trades when using the EA in several pairs.

  • Max Pairs: Maximum different symbols to have active trades.
  • Max Trades For Single Currency: Max number of active trades in a single symbol.
  • Max Exposure For Single Currency: Max number of net lots active in a single symbol.
  • Max Floating Loss: Biggest negative floating loss (enter value in negative).

4) Two-stage recovery region

Change the recovery zone region used after a given number of trades. The purpose of this is to force a recovery to finish by reducing the region or increase the region to decrease the lots risk in the event recovery was not achieved yet.

  • Change_trade_no: Number of trades, after which the recovery region is changed.
  • newRecoveryZoneRangePips: New recovery zone range that gets applied.
  • newRecoveryZoneExitPips: New recovery zone exit pips that get applied.

5) Amount-based profit trailing during recovery

A trailing stop based on floating profits is applied. It can be used to avoid having a recovery that is in profit reversing against you and opening more trades.

  • profit_trailing_trade_start: Number of trades, after which the trailing profit can be used.
  • profit_trailing_amount_start: Once this profit amount is reached, the trailing option gets triggered.
  • profit_trailing_amount_step: Once the max profit amount made drops by that much, trades will close.

6) Advanced backtest statistics and reporting

  • Generates reports and displays advanced backtest statistics showing performance and the trade distribution. Use the trade distribution to optimize reducing the expected number of trades rather than just return and drawdown.

7) Customization capabilities for future

A unique customization code will be assigned that will perform the relevant customization functions once the code is entered. Options will be controlled by an external file.

Reviews 28
sherbird 2020.07.01 02:06 

This is well made EA and very sophisticated strategy included, not only recovery process but also trading itself. Highly recommend product.

pkouassi 2020.03.10 02:58 

Hi Michalis,

I have just bought the premium version of LRT and have installed it perfectly. I haven't used it yet but looks great. I will leave a realistic comment after using it.

But, Would you please help me to optimise it, or send me a document explaining how to use it properly?

How can I contact you personally?



uramt 2019.02.12 11:52 

This ea is marvelous to be able to use various ways.

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DayTrend.  An expert Advisor that works on real accounts is an excellent alternative to a Bank Deposit. The system was created initially to generate a profit of 100-600% per year . Demonstration of trading on a Demo account , a signal  DayTrendSignal   The principle of entering the market is the calculation of the trend direction and entry in its direction.It is not based on indicators, only a trading algorithm that is used to enter the market in a certain direction. There are false entrances,
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Vladimir Gribachev
This is a grid Expert Advisor. It has several trading strategies based on the MACD indicator. The virtual trailing stop, stop loss, take profit levels can be set pips, in the deposit currency or as a percentage of the balance. Depending on the settings, different orders may be opened for diversifying risks. Their closure can be either an oppositely directed or unidirectional basket of orders. The orders grid is adaptive, only market orders are used in it. If the price moves the distance of Order
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fUXION EA is not a simple robot. It combines 6 powerful rules of entry, of these only 3 must be correct for the signal to be valid. The outputs also use their own rules with the same principle 6/3. This form of programming manages to combine a multitude of possible inputs and outputs, making the EA better adapted to all market situations, working well in all pairs. Do not use martingale, grid, cover or any dangerous technique for your money. DOWNLOAD AND TRY FOR YOURSELF Download here -->
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Pavel Mironenko
This Expert Advisor is works on a unique algorithm for calculating the price movement. It can open a series of orders in the direction of price movement, the average StopLoss is about twenty points, and TakeProfit is about thirty points. Automatic calculation of the default lot of 0.03 lots per thousand units of currency. Recommendations:     Symbol: EURUSD     Time Frame: M5     Minimum Deposit: $300 USD.
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Aleksey Lebedev
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/162330 - the real account the EA works on This multicurrency Expert Advisor uses an advanced adaptive trading strategy based on a position averaging. The product is designed for 4 and 5-digit quotes. VPS server is recommended. Timeframe does not matter. The recommended minimum deposit is 3,000 units of the base currency. It is recommended to disable the EA during the release of important news (set the trading time so that the EA finishes it operation in advance be
299 USD
Vadim Podoprigora
Forest is a Trend Expert Advisor based on the analysis of a unique mathematical model of trend lines, which allows you to determine the trend movement. The Expert Advisor is most suitable for the currency pair "USDCHF" on period "H1". The EA can work on any type of accounts, and with any brokers. The EA uses mathematical analysis to open trades and applies loss control to open trades. At its core, the EA does not use any risky systems with the increase in the volume or increase in the number of
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DSProFx Fibo-Momentum Expert Advisor is a fully   automated  Forex robot.  Concept, Timeframe and Pairs DSProFx Fibo-Momentum works in time frame H1 and H4 . The lower the time frame, the higher the risk will be. It works based on combination of DSProFx Momentum Indicator and Fibonacci level . In some cases, it may open multiple trades with martingale system to manage the floating loss trade. The trades will be closed automatically by profit target. This EA works in any charts, and it can open
1 680 USD
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Eliminator EA is a professional and fully automated scalper. Easy to use, proved strategy many years and just focused on GBPCAD. This EA uses some calculated price and time actions with 6 indicators' confirmations. No need for unnecessary EA parameters. The EA sets everything automatically. Advantages NO Grid, NO Martingale, NO Averaging and high risk strategies. The EA always uses Stop Loss and Trailing. No needs to enter stop loss or take profit manually. Dropdown style Money Management can
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Samandar Huseynov
ATTENTION !!! REMEMBER OUR ADVICE - (NEVER TRY TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY IN THE FOREX MARKET, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AND RISKY, YOU CAN LOSE YOUR ENTIRE DEPOSIT, IN THE FOREX MARKET YOU CAN ONLY EARN PASSIVE PROFIT WITH MINIMAL RISK ) For the robot to work, you should not have other open orders, the robot will close all orders if they are open. WhatsApp : +994559405473 instagram :   https://www.instagram.com/investplus.azerbaijan/ Facebook  :  https://www.facebook.com/poladovbusiness/ Emai
499 USD
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Sergej Maehler
FxPro Expert Advisor  is a fully automated forex trading robot designed to work on the most traded currency pair EURUSD. The strategy based on breaking through price levels and does not uses lagging indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart. Each order is secured by a fixed stop-loss while profits are carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm to capture the maximum profit. Live Monitoring, EURUSD H1, D
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The Grand Trader
Stefan Petkov
Price until the end of the weekend : $800 (EOD 25th of October) We have invested more than 200K Euro in our experience. Do you want to join us in our journey ? The Grand Trader is trading with our own REAL MONEY. We are not relying on back-testing! We are confident in our knowledge and experience in the Forex Market!  Live signal monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/831036 Please note that the Backtest has been performed on MT5 terminal due to its ability to test different time frame
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LAUNCH PROMO: ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $599! Next price:        $699 Price will be kept high to limit number of users for this strategy To The Moon comprises the best out of trend trading  applied to bitcoin . As many people know crypto markets are much less efficient than traditional markets like Forex. It means they are easier to make profit on. They are also trend markets. Using high-quality trend systems as this one is the best possible way to leverage opportunities given by crypto m
599 USD
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Evgenii Golovanets
Price: $499 only 7 of 10 copies left at this price Next price $599 WP EA shows best performance with  IC Markets (click to register)   Live Monitoring #1   https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/814806 Live Monitoring #2  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/823039 If you want to test Expert Adviser correctly, please test Metatrader 5 version of product, only MT5 version can be tested correctly in multi pairs mode White Peaks Expert Advisor  is a fully automated night scalper EA, based on machine learning 
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900 USD
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Battle Scalper is a fully automatic trading robot. The default settings are for the GBPUSD currency pair, H1 timeframe. The robot trades on the principle of accumulating a positive balance by opening trades for a short time at the moments of an impulsive market. The robot places pending orders at the supposed support / resistance points and then accompanies the deal if it worked. If the transaction does not work, the robot removes the pending order. Trading recommendations: Currency pair GBPU
749 USD
MBfx Neural Adaptive MT4 EA
Max Brown
https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/847522   This EA uses advanced machine learning auto-adapting methods to drive trading performance; methods that have been researched and developed for well over 15 years.   Each FX pair has between five and ten machines learning algorithms driving 20 to 50 algorithmic models per pair.   This is a true Neural Adaptive trading algorithm therefore this EA is formidable and a trading Gem.   It is a prized jewel that has been placed atop my personal treasure hoard of
499.99 USD
Dmitriy Shal
Belkaglazer EA  is a fully automated Expert Advisor for creating diverse long-term trading strategies in different markets:  FOREX ,  FORTS ,  Crypto ,  Indices . It is designed for professional algorithmic traders. The EA is based on 4 models with clear logic: PriceChannel , Pivot , PriceAction, PRNG ; This is a sophisticated platform that can trade momentum, breakout, counter-trend, mean-reversion, scalping, and other strategies depending on settings or set-files; Supports Limit / Stop / Marke
499 USD
Steady MT4
Andrey Barinov
"Steady" is a 100% adaptive expert advisor based on price movement. It has a built-in unique Smart Recovery algorithm. Only one trade at a time. Every trade has Stop Loss and Take Profit from very beginning, and they do not change. This is for those, who are looking for steady and stable growth over the long run. Take advantage of the launch promo price.   Price will be increased up to $799 starting from November 1-st. "Steady" for MetaTrader5 is here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product
499 USD
Bancomat MT4
Vladimir Khlystov
Bancomat   The Expert Advisor does not require setting and optimization of parameters. At the same time, the advisor trades on 20 currency pairs. The principle of trading is hedging (transaction insurance). Thanks to this principle, the EA does not go into large drawdowns. Regulation of profitability is achieved by changing the lot. The minimum recommended deposit is from 500 usd with a lot of 0.01. At the same time, the expected profit will be 7-15% per month. The rest of the parameters can be
1 100 USD
Turbo Scalper M1
Andrey Kozak
TURBO SCALPER M1 is a fully automatic trading robot for the GBPUSD currency pair. The robot works on the M1 timeframe. This is the smallest and most dynamic timeframe on the Metatrader4 platform. The algorithm of the robot's work is to analyze the market dynamics using the analytical module of signals, after which the robot opens pending orders and looks where the price is going. If the price moves in the right direction and breaks through the placed pending order, the robot starts following it
1 250 USD
Silent Master
Evgeniy Machok
There are only 6 copies left for the price of $749. Next price - $799. The reviews may differ for many reasons. Only real trading shows the potential of this robot! Fully automatic Expert Advisor for night trading during low market volatility. The Expert Advisor includes elements of the machine learning, which allows to take into account current market situation. Positions are always protected by StopLoss and DD parameters. Monitoring of real trading by the robot Second monitoring of
749 USD
Aura Gold EA
Stanislav Tomilov
Limited number of copies will be sold on MQL5 market.   Price: $799 only 1 copy left at this price Next 10 copies for $899, and final 10 at $999. Later the price will increase drastically just to keep the actual users up-to-date and save exclusivity of EA. Aura Gold EA  is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indi
799 USD
White Shark
Elie Almachaalany
White Shark is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the requirements are met. It uses an advanced technology to place orders in the right time with the right lot. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner will not mess up. You can download this Ea and back-test. I personally used a 99.9% real tick data for back-testing for an accurate result.
599 USD
Perfect World
Jianfeng Yang
日日制胜EA 完美世界:多币对神经网络趋势 每个币对每次只下一单 单单带止盈止损 周期M15 推荐币对:USDJPY USDCHF CHFJPY EURCHF NZDCAD USDSGD CHFSGD EURSGD 可选币对: CADCHF EURGBP GBPCAD GBPSGD XAUUSD 日日制胜EA 完美世界 加固定止盈止损回测币对.zip   手把手教你在Vultr VPS上安装Windows2012R2系统及ISO上传和部署 https://bbs.2ha.cn/thread-313-1-1.html 注:因Vultr正式停用win2008中文系统 这里特弄出win2012中文系统 希望大家喜欢! 不习惯用vultr的 可以试试腾讯云 https://bbs.2ha.cn/thread-196-1-1.html IC Markets 合作伙伴链接 https://bbs.2ha.cn/thread-9-1-1.html IC客户转户转代说明(以转入站长IB7042名下为例 ) https://bbs.2ha.cn/thread-253
1 000 USD
Fast in
Zoe Dodsley
FIFO strategy HOW it works: When a candle move more than a special size ( volatility in input parameter) then we have a big/fast market movement for symbol price... so we use stop orders type to catch this big/fast movement. yes its easy strategy and it has a big potential to be better. When all the market movement makes you have lost, This ea makes a good profit with a little profit with many orders in a short time Just on a Candle. When ex: M15 or better in H1 time frame a candle moves fast a
1 000 USD
BKK Scalper
Orathai Chitphuengtham
LAUNCH PROMO: ONLY 9 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $ 999 ! Next price:        $ 1499 Price will be kept high to limit number of users for this strategy BKK Scalper Integrating the advantages of the popular Scalper EA on the market, the team has been optimized for 6 months.is an innovative EA that incorporates some very advance secretive trading algorithm. when detects small deviations and enters in the contrary direction trying to close the operation in the level before that deviation happens. LIVE s
999 USD
Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4
Mateus Botelho Mattos
EA with hundreds of unique strategies. Run multiple strategies simultaneously. Select your strategies and build your custom portfolio. Replace strategies anytime. Run multiple portfolios with this single EA. All strategies go through phases. Some strategies earn more profits than others. With Portfolio X running you can run multiple strategies so the profits of good strategies compensate for the losses in others, creating a smooth equity curve. Telegram Group for PortfolioX Members MT5 ve
499 USD
North East Way EA
North East Way EA  it is a fully automated “rollback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “rollback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading - the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Currencies: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD LIVE Signals: North East Way  ( download set ) Fast Way  ( download set )  EA SETUP: You can run all the pairs from a single chart using the
899 USD
Stenvall Invest
Gennady Sergienko
default settings:           EURUSD M5   (or you can set the sets that are used on ICM signals from here -   set standart.set ) email:                   lleonea.com@gmail.com telegram for pm:  @leontolstoy Does not use dangerous strategies such as martingale or grid. Orders are protected by a real stop loss. No deceptive strategies such as breakout, impulse or rollover trading. You don't need a VPS or a low spread or anything like that, just a market execution with a hold of 1-4 hours and an a
799 USD
StoneBreaker Lite
Yip Sin Hang
7000 Trades in 2 years live record  Here is the Method to use StoneBreaker Lite -- >  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/joanneyip2018/seller#products 【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】If you want to upgrade to original , Please contact me for a special price . Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed . EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operat
599 USD
Nobuyoshi Murase
KonokaSystem.NEO is one of the 3 sisters (NEO・JOY・FUN) that inherits the DNA of KonokaSystem and has a new personality, and is the original EA. The difference with Konoka System is the difference between risk avoidance by statistics (old) and risk avoidance by technical (new). In addition, the 3 sisters are equipped with 2 types of entries and 2 types of exits, each with different logic. The trading style is a day trade targeting from 00:00 to 13:00 Japan time. No grid or martingale logic is
600 USD
GerFX Forex Cyborg
Exler Consulting GmbH
Forex Cyborg is a established expert advisor since 2017 on the market. There is a huge number of customers that trust in Forex Cyborg already and now it's newly available here on the MQL Store. Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability.  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore do not give a realistic prediction of future profitability. 3) An
650 USD
Billions on Wall Street
Haoyu Du
EA Name: billions on Wall Street, perfect performance of tick data at 90% quality The newly acquired quantitative arbitrage robot for Wall Street institutions. Using AI fasttick algorithm to improve the winning rate to the highest At least a few hundred dollars can run. The lower the spread, the better. It cannot be higher than 20, and low difference brokers are recommended. This EA allows you to have the same dollar wealth as Wall Street traders in a short period of time. Finally, God bless yo
1 200 USD
Perfect Score
This robot enters the market at the opening of London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is based on short-term reversal patterns which use the tendency of FX prices to move toward their average value during the LSE session . The EA does not use indicators, grid, martingale, arbitrage. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. Monitoring - most popular signal at MQL
1 499 USD
LAUNCH PROMO: ONLY 6 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $499! Next price:        $549 The EA opens trades at the beginning of New York session . This is an ideal time to enter the Forex market as the two largest markets in the world literally overlap each other. During this four-hour period, you can see a great increase in liquidity and volatility provided by both London and New York market participants. The EA analyses the market using the advanced trend filter (ATF). The ATF is a directional filter all
499 USD
Exp4 The xCustomEA for MT4
Vladislav Andruschenko
Universal trading adviser on custom indicators for  MetaTrader 4 . Builder of strategy. Write the name of your indicator with Arrow and signal buffers, and our EA xCustomEA trades on these signals. You can also use many of our built-in functions. Version for MetaTrader 4:  The xCustomEA  version  for MetaTrader 5 terminal The functionality of the universal trading adviser The xCustomEA exactly duplicates all the parameters of our advisor  The X  except one: The xCustomEA  works on a custom indic
499 USD
Ivan Simonika
Introducing the HighScalpel scalping system. It is enough to optimize once, for example, per month. After that, he shows excellent results on the forward period (several times larger), which can be seen in the screenshots. Be attentive to the spread indicators of your broker! The higher the spread, the less often the market entries. If the spread is above 20 pips, then the number of inputs falls by two orders of magnitude. It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread of 6 pips. Such b
770 USD
sherbird 2020.07.01 02:06 

This is well made EA and very sophisticated strategy included, not only recovery process but also trading itself. Highly recommend product.

pkouassi 2020.03.10 02:58 

Hi Michalis,

I have just bought the premium version of LRT and have installed it perfectly. I haven't used it yet but looks great. I will leave a realistic comment after using it.

But, Would you please help me to optimise it, or send me a document explaining how to use it properly?

How can I contact you personally?



Yung_97 2019.07.14 17:34 

Working great on helping me recover my losing trades with other EAs. I especially like the power of using the Trend Extreme Dashboard with Loss Recovery Trader. I highly recommend both!

uramt 2019.02.12 11:52 

This ea is marvelous to be able to use various ways.

Kashif Malik
Kashif Malik 2018.10.07 14:24 

Have used many Recovery Zone Robots on real accounts and had lost a lot of money but if you love Recovery Zone Type EA's then this one is the KING of all recovery EA's with all possible options and control of your account. 5 Star from my side.

However, I NEVER tried this EA on real account till date because I could not find a setting yet which can generate reasonable income per month starting from 5k account without high DD. If you go for aggressive setting, it is highly risky, if you chose conservative then profits are too low. There is no middle point.

Best wishes to all you guys. Thanks

Grace-FX 2018.09.30 01:51 

Great EA with the best support from Michalis. I have used the EA for an extended period with beautiful results. It makes steady profits.

Brian Hudson
Brian Hudson 2018.06.13 08:46 

This EA is special. You are really getting like 5 EA's for the price of one. Many settings available to optimize your results. Test, test, test, find your magic solution and then thank this developer personally once you have those pips rolling in.

Excellent customer service from the developer!

pbmcgo 2018.02.21 11:19 

I used the recovery calculator to determin the risk. If the Recoery zone is 50 pips and tp is 150 the account needs to be big.

Regarding the author. Author responds to EA related questions and helps with anything you need.

I will forward test for the next months and regularly update my review here.

Maximilian Dehnelt
Maximilian Dehnelt 2018.02.08 23:07 

very good EA. Trade only with this EA. Already very good profits.

Thapana Apisariyakul
Thapana Apisariyakul 2018.02.04 04:28 

Clever EA. I can customize many ways of trade.

Using ea for manual trade is useful and of course, 100% automatic EA works excellent. Recommend!

Hoang Long Pham
Hoang Long Pham 2018.01.13 16:59 

A step up from LRT...this version now includes additional strategies like Trend Extreme and Double Trader in addition to other self-trading options. Awesome work indeed. Excellent and prompt response as always.

zooz888 2017.11.08 19:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Jenny Gay Dimafiles
Jenny Gay Dimafiles 2017.09.27 12:01 

I have been demo-testing this for 7 days and I already have 30%+ profit. The product is AWESOME and the support from Mike is SUPERB! He is really very accommodating.

a_sane3 2017.09.25 16:05 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Checkmark GmbH
Markus Goss 2017.08.03 17:25 

2017/08/03 18:06:13 Locked #1204012 jackieccs1978

Manuka Pradeep De Silva
Manuka Pradeep De Silva 2017.07.22 21:25 

First I would like to say I’m a newbie to the forex. This is the first EA I am using. But I have back tested several EAs. I have been using LRT for 2months now. It gave 70% profit each month. (But in the last week of first month I had lost my profit of that month!! Will explain at the end). So I’m writing this BIG review to express my gratitude!

This EA is basically uses a modified hedging technique which also includes martingale (grid) technique as an option. I use double trader method for the initial trade. I don’t like grid since it takes few days to close the trades which in turn increases the swap and also if grid fails it will enter in to zone recovery in which needs larger lots which in turn increases the risk for the capital.

Most important setting is the recovery zone range and exit pips. It depends on the pair you used, broker (spread), risk reward ratio and initial trade to capital ratio. You have infinite no of combinations of values from those you have to find the best. The only answer is back testing….

Then comes the best max no of recovery cycle setting. Theoretically using more &more cycles may looks safer. But it won’t since with each recovery cycle the lot value gradually increases and put more and more burden on the capital.

After that you can increase the profit further by finding the best value for the trail the exit point setting. You can also increase the profit exponentially with time by enabling auto lot option.

Initial trade and second trade trailing and other settings didn’t give much benefit for me in back testing.

You have to identify the limits of your EAs. You should understand that with the use of each recovery cycle, the ability of the LRT will decline. I have lost money due to that reason. I had being in the latter part of the LRT when a big news came and it couldn’t overcome. So my advice is, please try to recover trades before any big news. You can do it by identifying the average time to recover a trade and avoiding new trades if the time gap to the news is less than that.

You can fresh start LRT few minutes before news without much worry since it has full potential in the beginning.

Finally I would say there are no perfect EAs. When EA is failing you should have the ability to identify it and take necessary actions. This manual override need your forex basics and experience.

Customer support also exceptional.

Price is very much fair. You can earn it within few days!!

Thanks to Michalis now I have a stable good second income and I highly recommend it. Good luck everyone!!

Felix Scholten
Felix Scholten 2017.07.05 18:44 

Use it wisely and have patience. Test it, draw your conclusions, and test it again.

syokora 2017.06.26 08:35 

※ It is not for beginners.bad logics.

Although I purchased and asked a question, it is only operation explanation that is sent by PM.

It did not explain the optimum time and setting for balance and leverage as a seller.

I think that it must be a person accustomed to hedge Ea to some extent.


↑my demo account crash.(3000$)Seller signal settings.


You'd better think about buying.

Bradley Bosworth
Bradley Bosworth 2017.06.21 14:58 

I have read a lot into hedging, and have tried doing it manually to no avail. But finally came across this EA last night, read over it for a few hours, purchased, and implemented it my next trade.

Unfortunately, it had to kick in to save my very first trade using the EA. But it did exactly what it said it does, Saved my butt! Still need to figure out the settings a bit better, as I was able to exit break even manually but the TP was still a ways away (I'm not following the default settings due to my trading system, which is awesome that you can critique it however you please!)

yong2015 2017.06.14 05:16 

Excellent service from Michalis: he swiftly responded to my request and very helpful to fix my problem in using this EA. The EA functions well but need to understand its settings which may be complicated for new user.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2017.05.22 20:18 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

kinglam 2017.05.21 04:45 

Michalis has been very patient in answering my questions and guiding me on how the product works, and even willing to make change to the code to make small customization for me. The product has a lot of features, so it would be good for one to spend some time to read the manual and play with it in live demo account to see how it works before apply it to the live real account. Abubakar was also very kind to share what works, and give me more confidence on how to better use the product. I am currently experimenting the double trader and the trend extreme strategy to open trades, then, enable multiple levels of grid to close them if the first trade didn't hit initial tp. The tool have a lot of potentials if used properly.

vinni350 2017.04.05 20:31 

I have to agree 100% with the other comments...Michalis provides excellent service and an excellent product...I am new to Forex trading and the use of any type of EA...I practiced with the EA for a couple of weeks and Michalis helped by setting up the EA for my live trading. Nobody seems to talk of the profits that are made with the EAs, but I can tell you that this EA turned a profit of $12,000 this week...Highly Recommend this EA..Try it out..without it I would still be at profit zero....thanks Michalis

Cloaked_Wixard 2017.04.05 17:28 

Excellent service that you will always feel somebody backing up you until you familiar with the ea. Needless to say an ea with great potential for consistent profit unlike the other ea such as grid and scalping. This ea offer you great risk management and adjustable desired monthly return if you hardworking enough to try the setting. Remember, great sword provided to a swordsman does not mean he will win the battle, it depend on the swordsman how to utilize the great sword. In this case this ea is definitely a great sword. Premium version is a must if you want to be god level swordsman

adambieschke 2017.04.03 04:01 

The EA does exactly what it says, sure, it's up to the user to determine which strategy and how much risk to take on, but that's also what makes the EA so great. And on top of that, Michalis is absolutely outstanding when it comes to answering questions one may have about the EA. I'm very thankful to Michalis and all of the help he provided me with getting started and I highly recommend LRT to anyone who is looking to improve their trading!

Diego Reynoso
Diego Reynoso 2017.03.09 18:29 

Very great Ea. It´s better than the normal version of Lossrecovery. I like too much the ExtremeTrend strategy. Michalis always answers my questions. If you put a wrong trade position, this Ea encharge to solve that. Very profitable. As i said before, in the other review, you have to be patient and let the Ea close the orders to see the profits. Thanks Michalis for your EA and for your support.

Abubakar Qazi
Abubakar Qazi 2017.02.27 04:35 

My best investment in any software so far. If used properly, this can easily generate 40-100% return per month. Key is to have right settings and sensible picking of lot size as per your account balance. I've tried this with 3 different brokers and found success with all. Only sad thing is that I purchased it for $450 last year while the seller has dropped the price now to $295 :( but no worries as results have paid for the software already. Seller is good to respond on personal emails adding customization for the user.

burthey68 2016.12.13 23:49 

Excellent EA! I havent taken a loss yet! I'm glad I chose this EA.

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