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Loss Recovery Trader Premium

Premium version of the Loss Recovery Trader EA with a significant number of additions.

Additional Features

1) Open trades using Trend Extreme Strategy
  • entry_trend_score: Enter a value between 0 to 100. This value determines how strong the Trend score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed.
  • entry_extreme_score: Enter a value between -100 to 0. This value determines how strong the Extreme score should be at least in order for a trade to be placed. Negative value is to be placed.
  • Seek confirmation (true/false): Setting this to 'true' will imply the EA will look for two consecutive candles to the trend direction prior to opening the trade.
  • counter_trend_trades: Setting this to 'true' implies sell trade will open when a symbol is overbought and buy trade when a symbol is oversold irrespective of the Trend Score.
  • minpipmove: Minimum pip move in one direction the symbol needs to make in order for trades to initiate.
  • trend_timframe: Select, which timeframe the Trend Score will be calculated at.
  • extreme_timframe: Select, which timeframe the Extreme Score will be calculated at.
  • confirmation_candles_timframe: Select, which timeframe the seek confirmation candles will be calculated at.
  • rerun_minutes: This is how often in minutes the Expert Advisor will recalculate the Trend/Extreme scores.

2) Open trades using Double Trader Strategy

  • MagicBuy: Magic number to be used for buy trades.
  • MagicSell: Magic number to be used for sell trades.

Use a separate magic number for the above two and also to be different from the other magic number used by the EA.

  • Second_Trade_TP: Once the first trade has been closed, you can have the second trade close with a different take profit (smaller) as you want to avoid recovery and your first trade already closed at a profit.
  • Use_Extreme_Filter: Optional feature to prevent the initialization of this placing trades using this strategy when the market is found to be in extreme conditions (oversold/overbought).
  • Extreme_Limit: Enter as a value from 0 to 100 how extreme (oversold/overbought) the market should be to prevent new trades.
  • DTrader_extreme_timframe: Timeframe, under which the Extreme score is calculated.

3) Multi currency risk management

These limits once breached will prevent opening new first trades when using the EA in several pairs.

  • Max Pairs: Maximum different symbols to have active trades.
  • Max Trades For Single Currency: Max number of active trades in a single symbol.
  • Max Exposure For Single Currency: Max number of net lots active in a single symbol.
  • Max Floating Loss: Biggest negative floating loss (enter value in negative).

4) Two-stage recovery region

Change the recovery zone region used after a given number of trades. The purpose of this is to force a recovery to finish by reducing the region or increase the region to decrease the lots risk in the event recovery was not achieved yet.

  • Change_trade_no: Number of trades, after which the recovery region is changed.
  • newRecoveryZoneRangePips: New recovery zone range that gets applied.
  • newRecoveryZoneExitPips: New recovery zone exit pips that get applied.

5) Amount-based profit trailing during recovery

A trailing stop based on floating profits is applied. It can be used to avoid having a recovery that is in profit reversing against you and opening more trades.

  • profit_trailing_trade_start: Number of trades, after which the trailing profit can be used.
  • profit_trailing_amount_start: Once this profit amount is reached, the trailing option gets triggered.
  • profit_trailing_amount_step: Once the max profit amount made drops by that much, trades will close.

6) Advanced backtest statistics and reporting

  • Generates reports and displays advanced backtest statistics showing performance and the trade distribution. Use the trade distribution to optimize reducing the expected number of trades rather than just return and drawdown.

7) Customization capabilities for future

A unique customization code will be assigned that will perform the relevant customization functions once the code is entered. Options will be controlled by an external file.

2017.04.05 20:31 

I have to agree 100% with the other comments...Michalis provides excellent service and an excellent product...I am new to Forex trading and the use of any type of EA...I practiced with the EA for a couple of weeks and Michalis helped by setting up the EA for my live trading. Nobody seems to talk of the profits that are made with the EAs, but I can tell you that this EA turned a profit of $12,000 this week...Highly Recommend this EA..Try it out..without it I would still be at profit zero....thanks Michalis

2017.04.05 17:28 

Excellent service that you will always feel somebody backing up you until you familiar with the ea. Needless to say an ea with great potential for consistent profit unlike the other ea such as grid and scalping. This ea offer you great risk management and adjustable desired monthly return if you hardworking enough to try the setting. Remember, great sword provided to a swordsman does not mean he will win the battle, it depend on the swordsman how to utilize the great sword. In this case this ea is definitely a great sword. Premium version is a must if you want to be god level swordsman

2017.04.03 04:01 

The EA does exactly what it says, sure, it's up to the user to determine which strategy and how much risk to take on, but that's also what makes the EA so great. And on top of that, Michalis is absolutely outstanding when it comes to answering questions one may have about the EA. I'm very thankful to Michalis and all of the help he provided me with getting started and I highly recommend LRT to anyone who is looking to improve their trading!

2017.03.09 18:29 

Very great Ea. It´s better than the normal version of Lossrecovery. I like too much the ExtremeTrend strategy. Michalis always answers my questions. If you put a wrong trade position, this Ea encharge to solve that. Very profitable. As i said before, in the other review, you have to be patient and let the Ea close the orders to see the profits. Thanks Michalis for your EA and for your support.

Abubakar Qazi
2017.02.27 04:35 

My best investment in any software so far. If used properly, this can easily generate 40-100% return per month. Key is to have right settings and sensible picking of lot size as per your account balance. I've tried this with 3 different brokers and found success with all. Only sad thing is that I purchased it for $450 last year while the seller has dropped the price now to $295 :( but no worries as results have paid for the software already. Seller is good to respond on personal emails adding customization for the user.

2016.12.13 23:49 

Excellent EA! I havent taken a loss yet! I'm glad I chose this EA.

Version 11.3 - 2016.09.22
-Potential bug fixes