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SL Plus

Have you ever lost profits? If so, you are in the correct product. Some of us may feel annoyed with uncertain market conditions. When the position of order we are on the right track, then the market pulls back. We become sorry for not immediately close the trade when experiencing gains. But whatever the power if the market wishes. But are we going to blame the market? certainly not. In this volatile Forex market that we need a tool that can secure us any advantage of it.

We call this the "SL+". The EA can help your trading save. SL on this EA will move the target and lock in profits. Use it now or you will continue to lose profit. Appreciate any small profit you earn on Forex market. You'll be lucky.


  • Smart Stop Loss and Take Profit;
  • Smart fixing step algorithm;
  • Auto lock profit;
  • Easy to setup;


  • Timeframe: M5, M15, M30, H1
  • Account type: All type
  • Account currency: USD, EUR, GBP


  • Period: M5, M15, M30, H1. This mean: All timeframe, best for scalping, long trade, technical or fundamentals.
  • For the best, you can use on 5 digits pair, ex: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD. But, you can try for USDJPY & 4 digits.
  • All Account Type allowed, because it will not affect the performance of EA. Including type of account currency.
  • Smart Stop Loss and Take Profit & Auto lock profit: This EA make auto set Stop Loss and Take Profit. When you open order, EA will take SL & TP automatically.
  • Smart fixing step algorithm: When order already made and market run in the direction of order, EA will move automatically, will lock your trade profit.
  • Easy to setup : Nothing is easier setup of SL+
  • Entries : If you SELL GBPUSD on 1.44438, EA will automatically set SL on 1.444685 then set profit on 1.43691. Then, when current market move to 1.44266, this EA will lock your profit on 1.44373. If market turn back to bullish and take SL, order will done. But, when market run to bearish trend, EA will continue to lock in accordance with a defined level. Set parameter what the best for your trading style.


  • Preset_SL = distance of Stop Loss (SL) to order place. Value in Pips. Default: SL is setup 25 pips.
  • Preset_TP = distance of Take Profit (TP) to order place. Value in Pips. Default: TP is setup 75 pips. This mean, Risks of trade is low. But, you can set the best for you.
  • Target1 = Target of running Market. Value in Pips. When your order on 1.5000, and "target1" setup "10 pips", the target is 1.5010. This mean, when the market price has touched 1.5010, this is the target.
  • LockProfit1 = Target of Stop Loss will lock the profit. When target has been met, SL will move. Exp: When target1 is 1.5010, and "LockProfit1" setup "5 pips", SL will move to 1.5005 automatically. And so on... Until Target10 and LockProfit10.

SL+ have 10 target. Target1 until Target10. If the "target" has been reached, Stop Loss (SL) will move in accordance with the target "LockProfit". The number of pips in value, according to Fibonacci.

  • Target1 = 5, LockProfit1 = 3
  • Target2 = 8, LockProfit2 = 5
  • Target3 = 13, LockProfit3 = 8
  • Target4 = 21, LockProfit4 = 13
  • Target5 = 34, LockProfit5 = 21
  • Target6 = 47, LockProfit6 = 34
  • Target7 = 81, LockProfit7 = 47
  • Target8 = 128, LockProfit8 = 81
  • Target9 = 209, LockProfit9 = 128
  • Target10 = 337, LockProfit10 = 209
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