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Auto InvestBot

The EA does not belong to the HFT (High Frequency Trading) strategies, does not use pending orders.

Does not trade on support/resistance level breakouts. Each opened trade is maintained by stop loss and take profit.

All this allows to avoid various delays in the transfer of orders for performing trades. And to minimize the dependence on slippages.

Auto InvestBot - collects opinions of different signals (indicators, price, volume) and summarizes them into a single estimation. After that it detects the trend and, based on the gathered data, opens a market order.

  • Timeframe: M1
  • Currency pair (best in my opinion): EURUSD
  • Operation time: the EA operates 24/7


  • ECN broker with low spread and small commission.
  • Powerful VPS server.


  • Mode Bot - EA operation mode.
  • Allow to trade - enable/disable trading of the EA.
  • Risk % - risk of the deposit per trade.
  • Maximum Spread - maximum allowed spread.
  • TakeProfit - Take profit in points.
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points.
  • Trend Locator - parameter for identifying the trend.
  • Magic1 - magic number.
  • Magic2 - magic number.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage in points.
  • Comments - comment to orders.
Gennadiy Voltornist
2016.12.18 16:27 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Eng How Tan
2016.05.12 14:03 

Good result so far! thanks to build the good EA..

Version 3.2 - 2016.05.18
Changed the 'safe' mode.
Version 3.1 - 2016.05.12
Improved the strategy.
Version 2.7 - 2016.05.06
Attention! Added the 'GMT Offset' parameter, it is important to correctly configure it.

The EA will operate correctly only with GMT Offset = 2 or GMT Offset = 3.

How to find out the offset of your broker:
1. See the clock in the MetaTrader
2. See the GMT+0 time
3. Compare the GMT+0 time wit the MetaTrader time

The number of hours, the terminal time is greater than the Greenwich Mean Time, will be the value of the parameter.

Also, the 'safe' strategy of the EA has been improved.