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YnP Volatility Index MT5

The indicator draws a volatility histogram for the selected symbol. It supports daily, hourly or monthly - calculation can be performed on any timeframe. Volatility Index allows you to check the current market conditions, predict the width of price fluctuations in the coming days, set stop losses at safe distances, limit entries by volatility. The indicator is very useful for trading bots that work well only on some historical periods and are vulnerable to small/large volatility.

Suitable for FOREX, exchange and FORTS trading. This version is designed for MetaTrader 5 The version for MetaTrader 4 can be found here.

and is a part of YnP software product series.


  • display the volatility index for the specified period in points (daily, hourly, etc)
  • color display of decrease/increase of the index (volatility trend is clearly visible)
  • display of the moving average for the volatility index
  • calculation corresponds to the data of the volatility calculator on Investing-com
  • supports the indicator operation using the iCustom function (use buffer 0)
  • customizable display styles
  • suitable for any currency pairs and other instruments, including the CFD or FORTS futures
  • suitable for any timeframe (the timeframe of the index must be greater than or equal to the chart timeframe)


  • Index Timeframe - timeframe of the index. It determines the index you want to see - hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Recommended value - H1 or higher. The timeframe of the index must be equal to or greater than the timeframe of the current chart.
  • Index Period - calculation period. The period in history bars. The volatility is calculated based on this period. The higher calculation period makes the index less dependent on individual news fluctuations. The recommended values - from 5 to 30 bars.
  • Index History (bars) - the maximum history period for displaying the index. Optimization parameter, does not affect calculation. Smaller values increase the indicator operation speed.
  • Include last bar (unfinished) - include the latest unfinished bar in the calculation of the volatility. Disabled by default.
  • Show Moving Average - display the moving average for the indicator.
  • MA Period (bars) - averaging period (in bars).
  • MA Mode - Mode of the moving average. All main types of the moving average are available - Simple MA, Exponential MA, LightWeighted MA, Smoothed MA.
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Version 1.1 - 2017.01.20
* new feature - Moving Average for Volatility Index (Buffer Index 3)
* new indicator parameters: displaying the moving average, calculation period of the moving average, type of the moving average (SMA, SMMA, LWMA, EMA)
* improved overall indicator performance
* improved buffer cleanup on timeframe change