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Push Notifications Moving Average Cross

This program will offer you an alternative to fully automated programs that only seem to work within very specific time ranges and market conditions!

Moving average cross overs are a very reliable way of trading the market, typically when the price moves up across the moving average this signals a potential buying opportunity and vice versa for selling. The longer the moving average the more significant the crossover.

Many successful trading strategies use this as a base alongside other indicators such as MACD, RSI, Bollinger, OBV etc. However, how this program differs is rather than tying you down to a single strategy, informs you of moving average cross overs and delivers you the following information as a notification to your mobile device:

  • Currency pair
  • Current price
  • Stop loss (set as the current value of the MA)
  • Take profit (calculated from desired risk reward ratio and take profit level)
  • Leverage to trade, to help the user in money management

The program has the following indicator parameters:

  • Desired Moving average period - Set what moving average period you would like to use
  • Risk Reward ratio - set your own Risk Reward ratio
  • Current equity in account - Set your equity, used in calculating the leverage you should use in a given trade
  • Current minimum stake - Amount you wish to trade with per trade
  • Maximum stop loss on each trade

Upon receiving the information, you can make the choice whether or not to implement the trade based on what other indicators you are comfortable with show.

You stay in control:

  • Only commit trades you are comfortable with
  • Freedom to use other indicators you are comfortable with at your discretion
  • Free to avoid trading in ranging markets
  • Don’t have to deal with fully automated programs that only work under specific parameters and don’t adapt to changing markets
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