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Hedger eXtream

Recovery algorithm that performs very well on taking back the losses. Works with cycles and levels. Levels can be adjusted from settings. Use this EA to recover your SL.

In the picture you will see a sample made with recovery ea being CONSTANT in the market (although is not meant to trade continuous). This means it's purpose is for recovering the stop loss of your original trade. So it's purpose of how to be used is in this way: your personal strategy + current recovery EA. You can chose any personal strategy you like, as long as stop loss doesn't exceed 50 pips / trade. But if you chose to trade bigger stop loss limits like 100 pip SL / trade, the EA will need much more time to recover the loss you had.

Attention! This is a RECOVERY EA, not a trading EA !

  • pairs - you can use any pair you like
  • spread - recommended to be 2.0 or lower
  • range - best range is between 30-50, according to how volatile is the pair
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