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MV Trade Manager

MV Trend Manager is a very important EA for all the traders and trade management.

Auto stop loss and take profit: Stop loss and take profit will be added automatically after you open a position.

Auto trailing stop: Trailing stop will be activated after X pip profit.

Auto breakeven: Breakeven will be activated after X pips and set stop loss to entry point.

Auto close positions after X% profit or Y% loss: This is very important, all of the open positions will be closed after your account balance increased to X% or decreased to Y%. For example, you set 2% profit and 1% loss and your account balance is $100 and you have 3 open positions, so if your account equity increased to $102, then all of the positions will be closed and you earned +2%, and if your account equity decreased to $99 then all of the positions will be closed and you lose -1% of your account balance.


  • Use_Auto_TakeProfit_And_StopLoss: active or inactive auto take profit and stop loss
  • TakeProfitPip: take profit (pip)
  • StopLossPip: stop loss (pip)
  • Use_Auto_TrailingStop: active or inactive auto trailing stop
  • TrailingStopPip: trailing stop (pip)
  • Use_Auto_BreakEven: active or inactive auto break even
  • BreakEvenPip: breakeven (pip)
  • Use_Auto_Close_All_Percent_Target: active or inactive close all of the open positions after X% profit or Y% loss
  • CloseAfterXPercentProfit: profit target (%)
  • CloseAfterYPercentLoss: loss target (%)
Lorraine Pierce
2017.08.07 02:27 

I would have given this 5 stars, except that this product caused me to lose 8 trades today and ruin my 100% win record!

Very upset about that.

Where you input your SL and TP the settings state "Pips", however you actually need to input your SL and TP in Points!

I had a TP of 5 set and a SL of 29 and the Trade Manager interpreted that as a TP of 1/2 pip and stop loss of 2.9 pips!

Hence many of my trades got stopped out today after a perfect run since beginning of July :(

Developer needs to CLEARLY indicate settings.

Other than that, it's a good tool.

Version 1.3 - 2018.02.13
- Fixed bugs
- Add small info panel
Version 1.2 - 2017.03.10
fixed bugs
Version 1.1 - 2017.02.20
Trading simulator: In the strategy tester you can open position manually and create your own strategy with manual backtest