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GV AutoTrailing StopLoss Robot

This EA is moving your SL to profit, after it hits any value of pips.

It's acting like Trailing StopLoss, but here you can choose, how much pips in profit trade must be to start moving.

For Example: If trade hits 20 pips profit, robot will start moving SL to profit and keep distance what you choose.

*This Robot moving SL for EVERY position you have opened. So you don't need to set robot for every position what you open*


  • If you open new positions, you need to reset robot, because he is working only on positions, what was opened before robot started.
  • If you restarting or shutting down MT4, you have to STOP Script or remove from graph, or it will make problems!
  • Try this robot first on DEMO, to learn using it.
  • When you reset robot, he will reset his StopLosses, so he moves them again to distance what you set in properties

How to use:

  1. Apply this robot to any window (graph), set pips, when it will start moving SL in profit and pips, how big distance it will hold between Highest profit and SL.
  3. You can also set in last column in properties B/E move. It means, that if you set it to 100 pips and trade will be in profit 100 pips, it will move your SL to B/E (entry price). It will not move that SL anymore to profit, if you will not set it in first columns! Last column in properties is just a B/E Safe!

EA parameters:

  • DistancePips - The distance in pips between BID/ASK and StopLoss Value while trailing.
  • StartPips - How many pips have to be trade in profit, to start trailing StopLoss.
  • RepeatCycleTime - How often will robot checking StopLoss Distance (Default: 2500 is enough)
  • B/E Safe - If you set this anything else then 0 PIPS, it will move your SL to B/E, when trade get this pips in profit! (Optional)

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