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GenomFX is an enterprise level Expert Adviser.

It is a trading robot that is designed for investors looking for a healthy and continues growth by trading multiple pairs.

GenomFX EA is heavily reliant on Genetic Algorithms and high-speed computations to determine suitable trading decisions. It is based on complex mathematical formulas that are widely used by investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, and other buy-side (investor-driven) institutional traders, to maximize profits while dividing large trades into several smaller trades to manage market exposure and risk.

We allocate a large cluster of servers to compute and generate our recommended settings on weekly basis.

Running a full optimization with "Tick Data" on any pair using GenomFX will require 40+ Hours on a high-end PC, but we are able to tune it to its best potential for 18 different pairs in less than 48 Hours. This is achieved by using a large cluster of servers similar to the ones utilised by enterprises and investment banks for the same purpose.

GenomFX effectively saves you thousands of dollars by distributing the cost among the public without losing any of the benefits and perks of an enterprise level trading system.

How it works

GenomFX cross references multiple pairs simultaneously to confirm highly accurate setups using builtin indicators, Price Action, S&R and Volumes.

The EA will open trades that are against the apparent trend at times, but this is because it follows the "Big Money" and not scalpers or sentimental traders.

The EA does not use an actual Stop-loss, but internally manages trades and closes them when opposite conditions are present.

How to use it

  • Time Frame - Use it on the timeframe specified for the attached Set.
  • Optimized Sets - You must download the latest set files we generate weekly for this EA to be effective be it for backtesting or for real trading.
  • Backtesting - You must backtest the sets using "Each-Tick" before running them. This is to insure proper risk management and profitability based on your own broker's market history, if the result is vastly different than stated with that set then please ignore it.
  • Pairs - GenomFX is an EA designed to run on multiple instances to achieve maximum effect. However you can chose to run one or some of the sets at a time.
  • Capital - Always maintain an adequate capital before starting to trade. We are not responsible for any losses caused by not following the instructions specified here or in the Updates section.
  • Drawdown - Drawdown in backtesting should never exceed 30% of your account's capital for all the live sets combined.
  • Expert Inputs - The only parameter you need to change is (LotsDev). We recommend you keep it on or above 25000 for each instance.
  • Trade Management - Trades that are still open after 7 days should be moved to breakeven + spread (TP if in minus/SL if in profit)

Expert Parameters

  • LotsDev - This is used to control the position size calculation done by the bot dynamically.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in pips for this specific instance.
  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop in pips for this specific instance.
  • TSMin - Minimum Adjustment of trailing stop, This is to make trailing less aggressive.
  • TradeIndex - This is a unique number assigned to every instance and positions opened by it.
  • SOB, SOS, MSO, MSC, ISP, ICP, MSOA, MSCA are dynamic parameters that you do not need to change when using our provided sets, unless you do your own optimization.

Recommended Account:

Real ECN accounts with low spreads and a minimum investment of 1000 USD or equivalent / Leverage of 1:500.

Recommended Machine:

Although we recommend a VPS with 2GB RAM and 2 Core Processors to minimize slippage. but you can safely run this EA from a low end notebook with a decent connection to your broker.


  • GenomFX will need a new optimized set every 1-2 months to continue running smoothly, however we provide weekly sets to our subscribers during off market hours.
  • Rental option is provided for a limited time only.
Aaref Dukhan
2016.05.18 22:08 

5 MASSIVE STARS. An amazing EA well worth my investment

I can't figure out what it does but it does it well ;)

Running since last week on 6 pairs with optimized sets from Ahlam, who is by the way a very responsive developer and answers within the hour.

So far 21% up in profit... less than 4% drawdown with 31 positions winning and only 2 loosing!!!

Love It.. well done Ahlam.

Will update you on my progress whenever i can..