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Arbitrage 2016

The Arbitrage EA receives the quotes from a fast broker and trades on a slow broker.

Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/187058

No limitations on symbols. It can be: Oil, Copper, Gold, Orange juice, Japan index, USDSEC currency pair, RTS index.

Parameters of the EA:

  • SAVE_QUOTES - save the quotes of the fast broker
  • OPEN_QUOTES - load the quotes of the fast broker
  • NAME_FILES - stream name to receive the quotes
  • FILES_SYMBOL - symbol name to receive the quotes
  • TRIGGER_PIP - strength of the arbitrage situation. 'bid' of the fast broker minus 'ask' of the slow broker for buying.
  • STOPLOSS_PIP - hard stop loss.
  • TAKEPROFIT_PIP - hard take profit.
  • SHIFT_PIP - manual shift for testing.
  • LOTS - fixed lot for the trade.
  • Auto MONEY MANAGEMENT 100$ LOT- lot per 100 dollars.
  • MAX_ORDER_OPEN In Integers - the maximum number of orders.
  • MIN_TIME_START_SEC - the minimum time of a trade
  • MAGIC_START In Integers - Magic number
  • COMMENT_USER - comment to orders.
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