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This robot, like the ancient rogue Procrustes, looks for movements that are too long. Once it catches them, it trims them as much as necessary.

The default settings are selected almost randomly, there is no proof that they are the best. It is recommended to select individual settings for each instrument.

Parameter Description

  • Lots - volume of every trade.
  • Stop - the size of the initial stop loss for every trade in points. For the currency pairs with 3 or 5 decimal places, the value of a point is 0.01 or 0.0001, respectively. In all other cases, a point is the smallest change in the price,
  • Profit - the size of the largest profit for the trade series in points. The length of the "Procrustean bed", so to speak.
  • trailStop - trailing stop size in points. The stop is trailed once after each new bar on the chart, calculated based on the extreme value of that very bar.
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