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Arbitrage Visualiser Demo

Demo version of the Arbitrage Visualiser Pro EA.


  1. Maximum lot is 0.01. It implements a protection against copying trades in oder to increase the lot, therefore all unauthorized trades will be closed.
  2. Demo Version works only on the EURUSD pair.

The system has a number of bonuses:

  • Convenient user panel which displays all settings.
  • "Hot" change of the settings, without restarting the EA. The panel stores the settings for each symbol and loads them at a restart.
  • Additional indicator which displays the quotes of the current and all connected brokers in different visualization modes.
  • Possibility of arbitrage between all available instruments, including FOREX, CFD's, Commodities.
  • Connection of up to five brokers simultaneously into one Mater panel, with automatic signal sorting and trading using the best of them.
  • Possibility of trading limit orders without slippages both in the normal Bid-Ask mode and within the spread on the accounts with zero stop levels.
  • Control of the slave servers freezing, therefore, protection against false trades when the quotes become delayed due to freezing.
  • Measurement of the quotes delay time in milliseconds and the ability to set the minimum threshold, below which the trades will not be opened.
Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.08 17:45 

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Juan Patricio Vazquez
2016.11.18 04:59 

Excelente trabajo y ademas gratis. Impresionante!!!!

Ovidiu Caslariu
2016.04.29 18:12 

Well done!

2016.04.12 18:02 

интересный робот