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Catching the trend

My EA is using two types of indicators, Stochastic and PSAR. Trades when PSAR changes, and Stochastic reaches the predefined limits.

Designed for EURNZD H4, up to 30 point spread. Also can be used with wider spread, but in that case Take Profit must be smaller than default. There is nothing to hide, uses huge, 510 pip stop loss, small take profit - default is 15 pips. Backtest ran well for 8 years, also can be checked on real account. Because of 4H chart EA trades 30-45 times yearly.

Low price because of huge SL, in backtest EA reached 1-8 percent per month with 50 percent risk of the capital. Of course, this is not a guarantee for the further profits!

You can set the risk, or use fixed lot.


  • order_lot - for fixed lot trading
  • money_management - if true, orders opened by risk management
  • risk_percent - means the maximum possible loss of trades
  • overall_TP_pips - take profit. Default is 15, if spread is over 30 points, must lower it!

Here are two backtests with 99.9% modeling quality, with 30 point spread on EURNZD 4H.

Deposit is 100 euros, risk is 50 percent. You can see, Relative drawdown is up to 31.31%, while overall profit is 1260.65 euros.

For bigger players risk is 100 percent (you can go over 100 percent as well), same 100 euros deposit. Total net profit 14664.85 euros, Relative drawdown 58.93% (7106.65)!

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