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History Downloader MT4

The History Downloader МТ4 is a unique tool for downloading history for the required symbols and timeframes.

Have you ever had to scroll the chart of the desired symbol for a long time to get the required history? And if the history for multiple instruments and timeframes was required? How long did it take?! Forget about that now. The History Downloader will do all this for you! Unlike the history center built into the terminal, this script will download the history of the broker, the account of which you use for trading. It will also display the download information and will notify its completion with a sound signal, so there is no need to wait for it to finish in front of the monitor.

The script checks the "Max bars in chart" parameter of the terminal settings and downloads all the necessary history. It is possible for the server to not have the amount of history that is specified in the settings. Then the script downloads all the history available on the server.


  • Provides synchronization of history for all timeframes;
  • Allows to select the required mode for downloading history. It is possible to download only the required history;
  • Allows to select the timeframe to download the history;
  • Optionally, you can enable sound notification at the end of the download;
  • Optionally, you can enable logging of the download process in the journal;


  • Download type - Download mode. Available modes: 1. only the current symbol; 2. all symbols in the data window; 3. symbols specified by the user;
  • User symbols - user-defined symbols. Used only if set to mode: symbols specified by the user. If a symbol is not selected in the MarketWatch - it will be added there. Space is used as a separator for symbols;
  • First downloadable timeframe - the first timeframe to be downloaded;
  • Last downloadable timeframe - the last timeframe to be downloaded. Must not be less than the first timeframe to be downloaded;
  • Number of attempts - the number of attempts to download history. The value should not be less than 6;
  • Pause between attempts - pause between the attempts to download history in milliseconds. The value should not be less than 200;
  • Play sound - sound signal;
  • Sound file name - the name of the sound file. The available files are located in the folder <МТ4_terminal_directory>\Sounds\;
  • Print info - display the download process in the journal;
  • Language - language of the messages;


  • A new window will be opened when downloading the history. Do not close it! The window will be closed automatically once the download is finished.
  • To download the history from your broker and to sync it across all timeframes, it is recommended to remove the existing history stored at: <МТ4_terminal_directory>\history\<Server_name>\.
  • If the history had been downloaded earlier using the history center, the history must be deleted!
  • If you changed the "Max bars in chart" parameter, it is necessary to restart the terminal for the changes to take effect.
  • It is not recommended to disable the sound signal as the download can take a long time!
Peter 2018.10.19 17:44 

Great tool! Is it possible to also refresh each chart before switching to the next timeframe / instrument?

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:03 

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zacante 2018.05.29 04:48 


Raja 2017.08.16 13:43 

Excellent! Great Job.

Aravind 2016.08.09 03:37 

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Miroslaw Stanko
Miroslaw Stanko 2016.08.06 02:15 

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makita 2016.06.04 18:02 


Izzatilla Ikramov
Izzatilla Ikramov 2016.05.29 14:05 

Отличный скрипт. Спасибо!

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.08 03:39 


maxim101 2016.04.06 22:03 

Полезный скрипт, спасибо!