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Silicon Raptor

Advanced scalping EA that profits from retracements of price extremes in the market. Once the market moves, if liquidity is available (monitored by advanced spread gateway), Raptor strikes and scalps a few pips as the market heads back towards it's origin. It doesn't have to retrace very far. These retracements happen around the clock on all major pairs.

Single, dependable, strategy with many options making it easy to customize to particular needs. Every variable is exposed allowing easy tuning. Tune for more/less trades. Tune for spreads recorded by EA during missed trade opportunities. Tune one EA for news time and Another for Non- news times.

Operates on the 1 min timeframe. Designed for USDJPY.

With the spread gateway huge slippage and widening spreads are controlled. The system either wins or takes a small controlled loss. No martingale/grid elements.

Description of variables

  • Money Management - Choice of "Fixed lots" or % based "Dynamic lots".
  • Risk Setting - When using dynamic lots above enter risk setting here for percentage based lots
  • Fixed Lot Size - When using fixed lots enter lot size here.
  • Max Spread Live - Maximum live (now) spread value to consider when placing trades. Pips.
  • Max Spread Avg - Maximum average (last 30 ticks) spread value to consider when placing trades. Pips.
  • Min Spike Size - Minimum size of market movement. Pips.
  • Max Spike Size - Maximum size of market movement. Pips.
  • Max Spike Time - Maximum time for move to happen. Seconds.
  • Max Fill Time - Maximum time for orders to be placed into the market. Measured in seconds after the spike has begun.
  • Initial Stop - Initial Stop Loss to be placed before Trailing Stop is activated. Pips.
  • Trailing Stop - Distance for Trailing Stop. Pips.
  • TS Activation - Distance into profit before Trailing Stop is activated. Pips
  • Trailing Step - Trailing Stop will jump by this step amount when trailing. Pips.
  • Exit Choice - Choice hard stops sent to broker server and stealth stops held within the EA.
  • Entry Type - Choose between One Shot Entry and Spread Gateway. "One Shot Entry" will only let the EA attempt one shot at entry if the spread is too high. "Spread Gateway" will filter out high spread entries and "sniper" in the best trade opportunity once spread has narrowed as long as other entry criteria still hold true.
  • Entry Feed Choice - Choose between "Bid & Ask" and "LTP" (Lat Traded Price). "Bid & Ask" feed uses both bid and ask arrays for final entry criteria. "LTP" uses an algorithm to calculate last traded price.
  • Max Open Positions - Maximum number of positions to be allowed open at the same time.
  • Trades Per Bar - Maximum number of trades allowed per bar.
  • Trade Spacing - If more than 1 trade is allowed per bar the next trade will be spaced this far away at a minimum Measured in Pips.
  • Deviation 1 - Deviation 1 is used to measure a channel.
  • Deviation 2 - Deviation 2 measures standard deviation.
  • Target Profit - Target profit. Pips.
  • Max Order Retry - Maximum number of times for EA to resend orders.
  • Time Filtering - Choice of "No Filter" ,"Skip Quarters", and "Only Trade Quarters". "Skip Quarters" will not trade on the quarter of the hour 00,15,30,45 (News release times). "Only Trade Quarters" will only trade on the quarter of the hour . "No Filter" allows trades at any time.
  • Initial Balance - Choice of "Account Balance" and "Specified Balance" (a specific Balance for the EA).
  • Specified Balance - Specific Amount to be used for the EA.
  • Broker Digits - Choice of 4 and 5 digit brokers.
  • Auto Adjust TP/SL - When set to true, Stop Loss and Target Profit will be adjusted if necessary to brokers minimum stop levels.
  • Enable Broken Trade Check -When set to true, EA will continually check for broken or orphaned trades (no stop loss). Then it places a stop loss.
  • Show Alerts - When set to true, EA will print alerts and warnings.
  • Display Background - Choice of "Solid" display or "Transparent" display.
  • User Defined Tag - User defined Trade Tag to to be sent with trade in the comments section.
  • Variable Spread - This setting is only used in back testing. Setting false when using fixed spread in back testing will speed up tester. If using Variable spread back testing (only available with TDS) keep set to true.
  • Magic Number - Unique Serial number for EA.

2016.10.03 21:52 

Wow, what a disappointment. Because of the good comments, I realy gave it a chance and lost a lot of money. It´s deception, but no response from the author...

Nikolay Egorov
2016.09.29 19:53 

Хорошо, что на реал не успел запустить :(

Эх.., а так все хорошо начиналось!

Автор, что не так с советником? Будут доработки?

Sergey Demin
2016.09.26 15:29 

Купил все советники автора.

Они стоят и на реальных счетах. И на демо.

Везде - стабильный слив.


2016.09.22 18:26 

je vois mon compte descendre rien de bien extraordinaire

je ne recommande pas cet expert advisor

Adam Goman
2016.09.21 21:17 

No profit, no. Unstable EA.

Vijay shankar ganesh Kaliappan
2016.09.21 16:28 

Didn't work out very well. Good thing is there is not much draw down but at the same time no much trading happening. Of the 7 instruments I tried (GBPUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURUSD) only USDCAD made 40 pips of positive trade in the last month.

2016.09.21 15:14 

Amazing support, The live result is same as provide signal. This is the most reliable EA I ever use.

Edit:(21 Sep 2016) After the incident developer activities was dramatically dropped and EA development was stopped.

Sergey Fateev
2016.09.17 20:14 


2016.09.15 10:01 

I had good thoughts about the programmer of this EA and figured that there was potential. Unfortunately, the author does not answer anymore. His previous comments can be read on the forum. They are very far from friendly and professional. Disappointed customers can best get lost here. This is most clear now. You are just nothing for this Joseph. It's a thief to act like this. I never thought it should end like this, but really this guy is a thief. He answer no more, it is perhaps best seen his low mentality. Should he be honest he should refund everyone here that bought his crap EA during last months.

That would be the least! That EA is precisely nothing worth in it's actual state. I do not care about the lost money but I do care about wing scum. With this, I give his stars! You deserve it buddy!

2016.09.14 05:03 

The EA appears to trade in 'reverse'. I have tried all spread tuning suggestions and have only experienced losses.

2016.09.13 12:37 

on 2016.07.27 i buy this shit, today -27%... nice backtest, in real loss money

Jose Bernardo Medeiros
2016.09.13 05:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

nicola furini
2016.09.08 00:14 

Doesn't work, few trade opened and closed always negative...

Andrey Korenkov
2016.09.07 10:06 

Этот EA больше не работает. Изначально был расчет только на продажу самого EA, а не на его прибыльную работу. Не тратьте время и деньги. Отдам активацию за 10$.

Ifsaah Waseem
2016.09.05 16:50 

Wasted Money

Lode Runner gold
2016.09.04 06:56 

I tested this robot, month loss of 50% of the principal, I press your request in ViPro Markets test result is the same, this is simply a lie, please give me my money back! ! !

David Garcia
2016.09.02 07:07 

A community open approach developer but the EA does not work consistently and the developer has left the product and the MQL community.

Trung John
2016.09.01 12:25 

Many fake reviews here because none of users have shown their live results using this EA. This EA is highly sensitive to broker's slippage which makes it impossible to make any money.

Audrey Versace
2016.08.31 21:19 

Trop de perte, ce robot travail avec une Tline, cette stratégie ne fonctionne pas.

Nasir Abbas
2016.08.31 15:26   

I am trying to contact aurthor of this EA to send me good setting to make some profits but so for no reply showing up. i am running it on a live and demo acount since a week. it has not opened any position yet. I will wait for few more days then I will raise dispute to refund my money.

Ronald Guzman
2016.08.30 22:26 


I bought the product but does not generate profits, LOSS ONLY I tried it in Icmarket , Vipro . Failure. I want my money back!!!

Deon Loubser
2016.08.30 12:52 

Silicon tortoise in reverse gear. This whole thing is a publicity stunt. That includes the so-called 10 dollar "mistake". A senseless debate over brokers, commissions, fine tuning, VPS's and whatever more. Side shows to draw attention away from the real issue. This EA does not make money. A good horse should win on any surface. Watch this space. Within a day from now there will be a fresh 5 star review or a refreshed "old" 5 star review. People that "buy" an EA at first sight that does not have a rental option.

Plamen Ivanov
2016.08.30 10:05 

5* developer and expert. After two big minus positions with Vipro /from around 170% growth in one month ended up with 100% growth/, I'm testing with some other brokers.

Carlos Moreno
2016.08.28 15:04 

One of the best EAs around. No Martingale, which is always nice and difficult to find. Once you find the right settings the EA always grabs very good profit. Lots of parameters to play around, and fine-tune. Really good. Thumbs up to the author!

2016.08.27 23:53 

I have peperstone ecn with good vps, more, much more loses than winners, I decide to remove, from my account. If this ea is too good like some " illuminate" people say, the autor offer test for 30 usd our 50usd, this is my last ea from MQL5 site, a lot scam and fake reviews, this ea only work if you have a broker from another planet, vps from another galaxy. you need a condition 100% to make couple pips.NO MORE SCALP AND BREAKOUT EAS...

2016.08.19 08:13 

i bought and run raptor sentry phoenix from joe for 1 week - LIVE Icmarkets with VPS 4ms , settings is UJ 0.3-0.8max EU 0.5 -0.5 max

i dont know other people but i make some money from this EA running 1 week. Some people are either too stupid to read the comment for settings/info or just plain horseshit bugger competitors whose trying to discredit the author, i dont know JOE and i am quite satisfied with the running of his EA.

like any other EA, it has its moment (mostly profit) and some drawdowns (when making some losses) , the key is the profit is much more than losses in the longer period.

let the thing do its work, relax and collect your profit. Good work joe, appreciate your good responses on my enquiry and messages.

Obed Everardo Rodriguez Luna
2016.08.17 06:36 


2016.08.16 15:33 

Top notch profitable EA period...Joe is awesome and for a profitable product 399$ is still a fair price. The fundation logic behind this EA is very solid i can't imagine when Joe will polish this product to make it a world class EA. I notice that most of my losses are during very high impact news (almost no retracement) so i disable the EA for the NEWS time , that s it . Thanks Joseph and keep up your wonderful work !

2016.08.16 03:44 

Like most of I guess, I’ve tried a few EA’s in my time and put simply, most are just “useless”. But, Silicon Raptor actually works! After testing it for a week, I’ve been blown away by its capability, flexibility, smooth and stable operation as well as the support offered by the Author. During testing, it’s performed flawlessly, it remained safe, stable and operated smoothly at all times even when I tried to upset the normal processes a little. Its consistent and stable operation is a sign of good, smart programming, so it’s obvious the software was coded by a switched on professional. A trader that doesn’t spend enough time testing, understanding and tuning their EA to suit their style, hardware, broker, etc. prior to deploying “live”, could be called an “optimist” … or something else similar. But, so far on testing this EA, it has performed flawlessly, even straight out of the box, it’s remained in profit, amazing! For any EA, your settings should reflect your trading profile, hardware and broker setup etc. An EA needs to be tailored to suit your trading style, profile and circumstances and Silicon Raptor provides this capability brilliantly. Furthermore, the customer support with this EA has been excellent, it is prompt, courteous and professional. On testing and tuning the EA, my setup was to provide small losses & larger profits and this it did easily. Ideally, you should have a good VPS to achieve fast executions and low spread together with a good quality broker in order to get the most of this EA. Overall: Brilliant, highly recommended, 5 Stars !

2016.08.15 12:08 

wake up people, sweet talk or good support doesn't make this EA profitable. hey Joe, delete this product like you said before pls, don't wanna see more people get fooled here.

check page 39, 40 in comments section before you buy it.

2016.08.14 12:08 

EA is doing great job (as autor does). But it is a scalper and it is very sensitive to trading conditions of broker. We can not reduce spreads and slippage, but we can reduce comission of ECN brokers by using rebates. For traders, who are looking for rebates, I would like to offer my referral link http://www.bestrebateforex.com/index.php?refid=6YGT5PT

2016.08.13 08:07 

I bought this ea and i testing on my demo account with verry good results!

5 stars!

2016.08.13 05:40 

I bought this EA few days back and did not open any trade yet, still testing on demo account, but I gave this EA and it's author 5 star because he is so patience and professional in replying to all my inquiries without any judgement and I know some of my inquiries may have been so obvious to a experienced trader.

2016.08.13 05:02 

I bought this EA, and then run it immediately. Without Setting any parameter.

Is this right?

Then, I looked at all the parameters, I found, the "target" profit" is 0.0.

I want to ask that does the"target profit "need to set up?

I also want to ask, dose anything else need to set up?can you tell me ,thanks!

Igor Dervuk
2016.08.09 09:53 

Отличный советник !!!

Michael Ogbonnaya
2016.08.02 11:35 

First I would like show my immense gratitude to Joseph for his kindness and support. He should be an example for other EA sellers in mql5 to emulate.

That said, I know that it is a little too early for me to review the Silicon Raptor. But It made me very good (or should I say great) profits today. My broker (Atiora ECN Broker) has relatively high spreads on the USDJPY (1.4 pips on average). I spoke to Joseph about it and he said Silicon Raptor will perform optimally with less than 1 pip average spread. I decided to take my chances. Well, it really paid off today.

I bought the Silicon Raptor 3 days ago, Saturday (30/07/2016). Yesterday, there was no trades yesterday because there wasn't much volatility. Early this morning, it kicked off and started trading. So far today alone, it has traded 16 times each on 2 different accounts (32 trades total) out of which is lost 4 each per account. Below is the run down of its activities:

Net Profit: $358.02

Gross Profit: $348.3

Gross Loss: $9.72

Looking at the above statistics, it is very obvious that the Silicon Raptor is the best scalper EA in MQL5 market. It does not trade all the time, but when it does, be very sure that you are getting an overall winner.

My advice to anyone who wishes to use the Silicon Raptor:

Try to avoid trading with high volumes as this will give you higher execution times and slippages. What I did is... I opened 4 USDJPY charts per account on 2 different MT4. I wanted to risk a total of 1% per account, but I split that into 4 making it 0.25% per account. That way, my MT4 is sending 4 smaller lots instead of 1 larger one. Also, I downloaded the set files posted by Joseph and am using the aggresive one.

The Silicon Raptor trades with high precision and very low draw-down. I have very high hopes for this EA and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ANYONE SERIOUS ABOUT SCALPING TO PURCHASE IT WITHOUT HESITATION.

Thank you Joseph Smith for developing this super awesome EA and also for your kindness and generosity.

I will update this review in a few days to weeks time.

Xavier Pages
2016.07.28 12:10 

Hi, I bought this EA only a 24 hours ago. I know perhaps it is too early to give any opinion, ( good or bad ), but I can say the EA has made 5 trades, ( 2 lost annd 3 wons ), and losses has been 3 EUR and wins, 40. So, this is an Ea that when it loss, loss a little money, and when it wins, wins a nice money. My risk level, 0.3. But I am going to up the risk next week. It is a profitable EA, with a little risk. And Joe is a nice person. He answer any questions you make. Here you are, my 5 stars!!

If I can, I ll update in seven days to explain how about Raptor is running.

2016.07.27 22:28 

I'll give this EA 3 stars as temporary review... first month was kinda bad for me on default settings. I will give it another month and see where it goes from here.. I want to be fair in my review.

2016.07.27 16:29 

He always hard work to improve his EA. Thanks for your support and please keep up this great work.

2016.07.27 15:48 

Amazing product and amazing support. Very good results from the beginning til 27th July. A very good broker and VPS is recommended

Verner Nielsen
2016.07.25 23:18 

Raptor is a EA to put on and let it do the work. It doesn't trade much but when it does it's usually very effective. It has a SL so even when your VPS quits you won't lose much and DD is marginal. Be on the safer side using a ECN broker and not a market maker. The same is true for Silicon Phoenix which trades the EURUSD. Finally a great product from across the pond where support in terms of responsiveness and comprehensiblity is in another dimension seen from my european perspective and what might be missed on MQL5.

The author is very responsive, professional and has a great attitude. Top notch!

2016.07.23 10:04 

Excellent EA. Awesome support from Joe.Congrats and Keep up the good work. Highly recommended EA. Iam very happy with the perfomance of the EA.

2016.07.23 04:03 

I have brought many EAs and none comes close to Silicon Raptor. Its the best strategy developed for todays forex market. The support given by Joe is awesome. Anytime you ask for help he is there to help and profit from the EA. Also he keeps on updating the EA which you cannot find in another EA. I tried in some leading ECN brokers and all doing very good. God Bless Joe for creating this awesome EA.

Edward Febbraio
2016.07.16 21:52 

A week in and I'm seeing some really good results on my live account - that with barely any DD! Rare to see an EA replicate backtest results on a real account. Joe is also a pleasure to deal with - responds immediately to any query one might have. Highly recommended!

2016.07.03 21:57 

I'm giving this EA 5 stars for now because the way it written, very reasonable EA with no crazy risks which would blow up your account. This EA gets my vote of confidence.

Version 3.8 - 2016.07.22
1) Raptor can now have a Target Profit with the trailing stops. Target Profit Slippage will be logged.

2) User can select "ECN Friendly" True or False. This is how the OrderSend() function will send your order to your brokers server.

- "False" will send Target Profit and Stop Loss with the initial order.

- "True" will open the initial order and immediately modify the order to include Target Profit and Stop Loss. This is the way some ECN brokers still insist orders be received. Default settings will have to be "ECN Friendly = True" because of this.

3) Stealth Exits have been fixed. It was setting a hard Target Profit (when TP was > 0). Now it sets a stealth Target Profit. The Initial Stop Loss is still sent to the broker. The Trailing Stop and Target Profit are Stealth.
Version 3.7 - 2016.07.08
Update to 3.07 will have the following

1) Exit slippage will be logged as well as entry slippage.

2) A very small error was fixed. It was pausing the EA after "Max Fill Time" (at a few brokers only).

3) Option to add spread to Initial Stop Loss And Trailing Stop Loss. You get to choose between using the live current spread -or- the average spread. That value (taken at the time of entry like a snapshot) is then added to your Initial Stop Loss AND Trailing Stop Loss. Also the introduction of two more variables. Max Initial Stop loss and Max Trailing Stop Loss. These variables are to keep the stop loss values under control.