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FXR Adapter

We are the team of professional traders

Few years ago, while studying experience of successful traders, we have worked out our own trading system. We successfully trade and continue developments in the area of trading systems and principles of automated trading. Do not search for grails, they do not exist. Do not hunt crazy percents. The risk is your money! The optimal earnings on the investments is 10-30% per year, and it is much more than bank interest. The rest is an unreasonable risk! These are errors that are cannot be corrected.


  • Unique mathematic method of trend detection with different frequency of oscillator filtration.
  • Tracking corrections of various patterns and wave levels for precise entry.
  • Control of drawdown of each trade, limitation and accountability during optimization.
  • Obligatory use of stop loss in trading, strict limitation on the number of orders in a trade.
  • Long-term stability on the basis of slight adjustments and impossibility of over-optimization.
  • A few settings for simplicity of optimization and easy management.
  • Accurate money management and low risk combined with good results.

Strategy of Entries

This is a trend following Expert Advisor. It includes the concept of priority. When trading with the trend, the EA analyzes correction and tries to enter at the beginning of a new trend momentum. When trading against the trend, the EA searches for the impulse peak and enters against the trend, as close to the end of the trend impulse as possible. The factor that is responsible for all these parameters is a single number. This parameter is available in the settings. The results of our EAs might seem bringing a little of profit or weak, but they are the real results. The more precisely the Expert Advisor is optimized to fit the current market, the less stable it is and therefore poorly works in a long-term plan.

Strategy of Exits

An exit is triggered by the opposite criteria. But additionally there is closing based on the level of profit. This parameter is available in the settings.

Stop Loss / Take Profit

We use the adaptive system of SL and TP calculation, depending on the level of the current volatility. We consider the presence of Stop Loss the obligatory condition for trading. We do not use direct Take Profit. This parameter often leads to over-optimization. It is replaced by position closing based on the profit level.


Yes, there is averaging in the system. But this parameter is very tightly controlled. The number of entries and the lot of the additional order are regulated. As a result of a long-term testing 2 entries were determined. The first main one and the second additional one. Nu order grids in bulks! No Martingale!

Money Management

Accurate money management can also be attributed to the previous paragraph. Allowed drawdown of each trade is controlled by the Maximum Drawdown in percentage parameter. Not to be confused with the drawdown in the MetaTrader 5 report. In the report, this parameter means the decline of balance/equity in a series of losing trades in the unfavorable period.

The EA has several options of lot management:

  • Fixed Lot. The volume is fixed in the settings.
  • Dynamic Elastic. The volume depends on equity. Regulated by a coefficient.
  • Dynamic Tight. The lot increases during trading, but it does not decrease when the equity amount falls.

Testing and Optimization

The strategies of our Expert Advisors are not scalping, but nonetheless require high-quality history for testing, and the "Every tick" mode. The small number of parameters in the settings does not allow the EA to be over-optimized, "get fitted" to short-term intervals. We recommend to inspect, to monitor the stability of the EA, to optimize every 3 months, on yearly interval of back history. The only optimizable parameter is SL/TP Factor.

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