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TimerCapture automatically makes a screenshot at a specified time. Three timers are available.


CaptureTime1/2/3's format is HHMM, e.g., 0:15 is 0015, 3:30 is 0330, 19:00 is 1900. Note that timers use local PC time. If you set EnableIntervalCapture true, interval capture is available. That interval can be set by the parameter "CaptureIntervalInMin". The interval unit is minutes. If you set "EnableOpenTradeCapture"/"EnableCloseTradeCapture" true, the chart is captured at your open/close trade, respectively. The trading capture is available once at one minute.


  • CaptureDir – directory of saving a screenshot file (default is "capture").
  • CapturePrefix – prefix of a screenshot file (default is "capture").
  • CaptureWidth – width of a captured image (default is 640).
  • CaptureHeight – height of a captured image (default is 480).
  • EnableCapture1 – enable capture timer at the time of CaptureTime1 (default is true).
  • CaptureTime1 – time of timer1 (default is "1130").
  • EnableCapture2 – enable capture timer at the time of CaptureTime2 (default is true).
  • CaptureTime2 – time of timer2 (default is "1830").
  • EnableCapture3 – enable capture timer at the time of CaptureTime3 (default is true).
  • CaptureTime3 – time of timer3 (default is "0030").
  • EnableIntervalCapture – enable interval capture (default is false).
  • CaptureIntervalInMin – The interval of interval capture. The interval unit is minutes (default is 1).
  • EnableOpenTradeCapture – enable open trade capture (default is false).
  • EnableCloseTradeCapture – enable close trade capture (default is false).
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Version 1.1 - 2016.06.27
The interval capture and open/close trade capture function is added.