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Instant catch

The Expert Advisor can trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously.

The EA is able to distinguish its own orders.

The EA's objective is to move pending orders following the current price and wait till the price (Ask and Bid) triggers the order. It instantly responds to the open order and closes it at once. If the order is in spread, it is protected by StopLoss_Trailing of 0.001 points.

Make sure that your account has no commission and stop limitations.


  • Spread - Maximum spread, 100 to 50000 points.
  • Trailing_StopLoss - The close price set from the order price, 0.001 to 10000 points.
  • Trailing_Order - A pending order set from the current price, 50 to 50000 points.
  • MagicNumber - Magic number for the EA's orders.
  • Volume_the_percentage_of_funds - Free margin percentage for volume calculation, 0.01-0.90%.
  • Volume_Max - Maximum volume, 0.01 to 1000.


  • Spread - if the spread exceeds Spread, the EA removes orders and stops working till the spread decreases.
  • Volume_Max - disables the volume increase. For example, set to 0.10 so that the volume does not exceed this value.
asaens15 2017.09.22 14:56 

Poor performance on my system. Either misses some opportunities or negative outcomes on trades. I tried on VPS with no better results. It is off my system now to give CPUs to better performing EAs.

Version 2.0 2016.09.16
Changes, Slippage - allowed deviation from the price.