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Joker System MT5

Semi-scalper multi-currency Expert Advisor that uses an advanced adaptive trading strategy based on a position averaging. It uses a unique feature – total trailing stop of the opened positions by equity in the deposit currency or as a percentage of profit. A stop loss can be used to protect the capital. VPS server is recommended. Timeframe does not matter. Recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of the base currency.


The EA is launched on several low spread symbols simultaneously (for example, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, and EURCHF). The magic number is not changed. MultiCurrency – allow multicurrency trading. If enabled, the EA works on all symbols it is launched on. When a specified profit or drawdown is reached, all orders with the same magic number are closed and the trading is started anew.


  • The EA has been designed for the current market conditions;
  • It does not depend on the trading account type, the broker, or the financial instrument;
  • The product works both with small and large deposits;
  • Not affected by gaps, slippage or spread widening;
  • It can be used in conjunction with other EAs or manual trade.


  • TimeStart – operation start time;
  • TimeFinish – operation end time. If set to "00:00", then it is not used.
  • OutWorking – action once the EA finishes operation. Close all or only pending orders;
  • MultiCurrency – allow multicurrency trading;
  • PriceMove – price movement with no roll-backs to open a trade;
  • LotPercent – automated trading lot calculation depending on the balance. If 0, disabled;
  • Lot – initial trading lot if AutoLot=0;
  • AddLot – lot increase element for the next position. Next lot = current lot+AddLot;
  • SendOrderStep – distance from the last opened position to allow placement of a pending order;
  • SendOrderPrice – pending order placement step, distance from the current price;
  • TrailStopOrder – distance that the price should cover in order to enable pending order trailing;
  • TrailStepOrder – distance to trail a pending order following the price;
  • Magic – magic number. If 0, it works with all orders;
  • Com – comment to orders;
  • StopLoss – allow using stop loss;
  • StopLossMethod – enable closing orders by stop loss;
  • StopLossPoint – the value of the selected closure method;
  • TrailingMethod – trailing stop method, as a percentage of profit or in the deposit currency;
  • TrailStopPoint – trailing stop in the currency or the deposit percentage;
  • TrailStepPoint – trailing step of the selected closure method;
  • CloseAllFriday – allow closing all orders on Friday;
  • HourOnFriday – hour for closing all orders;
  • DrawButton – display the button for fast closing orders;
  • DrawInfo – display information about the trade account on the chart;
  • Language – language to display information;
  • TextColor – color of the displayed information.
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