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Break Even Profit Price Level

If you have multiple open orders on the same symbol, you can see the price level, where the sum of these orders will be +/- 0. Respectively see the price level, where the sum of the orders start to get profitable.


  • ShowOnlyBreakEvenSum - true: You will see one break-even-line for all open orders. false: You will see break-even-lines for short-, long and all orders.
Note: If you have only one open order, then the breakeven price level is of course the starting price of this order. In this case this tool does not draw an additional line. If the sum of (buy_lots) - (sell_lots) = 0, then it is not possible to calculate a break even sum level!

This tool is included in my product Easy Order Creator.

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Version 1.1 - 2016.04.22
- Updated the BreakEven-Lines. Now you can have separate lines for Long, Short and all orders.
- Colors are now fixed.