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TradePad with Custom Indicator Based Trailing Stop

This piece of software called TradePad with Custom Indicator Based Trailing Stop may make your trading process much more convenient. The software has the following functionalities:

  • Market BUY/SELL with or without Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Close all orders
  • Delete all pending orders
  • Close all orders which are currently in profit
  • Reverse the position of current orders except the pending orders
  • Automatically move the Stop Loss to the Open Price with offset after reaching a particular level of profit
  • Trailing Stop with pre-defined distance and step size
  • Custom indicator based trailing stop with optional offset
  • BUY LIMIT/SELL LIMIT/BUY STOP/SELL STOP with Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Monitor the profit/loss
  • Monitor the total positions size
  • Monitor the margin level

Before you buy, you may test the software in the strategy tester to verify the functionality.

Christian Spielvogel
2017.04.07 16:45 

Test in real Money Account.

Communication to the Broker unusually slow.

Test im Echt Geld Konto.

Komunikation zum Broker ungewöhnlich langsam.

Victor Epand
2016.09.17 22:32 

This EA is very good for trailing by custom indicator, such as by moving averages. You can trail practically any indicator on the chart.

The only problem with this EA is that it does not select by Magic Number. Even if I enter Magic Number 2 in the Expert Advisor properties, it will still trail all positions for that currency pair, regardless of Magic Number.

2016.06.04 11:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.05.27 04:30 

Very easy to manage your trade and extremely good! It is an essential tool for a trader!

Version 3.0 - 2016.05.26
In the previous version, the TradePad was closing while changing the chart window timeframe which is fixed in this version.
Version 2.0 - 2016.05.23
1. The number of buffer indices under custom indicator based trailing stop is changed from one to two; one is for long positions and the other for short positions. Depending on the type of order (BUY or SELL), the TradePad will automatically select the corresponding buffer index. Hence, after every order, the user need not change the buffer index manually.
2. Now the user can decide whether the custom indicator based trailing stop is to be updated for every tick or for every new Bar only.