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DJ Alligator

DJ Alligator is a powerful system for everyday trading on EURUSD.

The EA uses a smart algorithm involving the standard Accelerator indicator. The EA analyzes the readings of Accelerator on М1, М5, М15, and М30. When the desired combination of Accelerator readings is found, the trading robot opens a BUY or SELL market order with the volume of Lots. StopLoss and TakeProfit levels are placed for each order. Only one BUY or SELL order can be opened. By default, the EA uses TrailingStop function.

You can use the Auto_Lots function to quickly boost your deposit. When used, the volume of orders constantly changes depending on the current balance. The greater the balance, the higher the opened order volume. Please note that increasing Auto_Lots means higher risk. I recommend starting from Auto_Lots =1.


I recommend disabling TrailingStop function (by setting it to false in the inputs) when trying the EA in the strategy tester, so that the trading robot does not make profit during sharp price spikes since they are impossible to profit from in real trading. The screenshot shows that TakeProfit is equal to StoLoss.

Originally, the EA was developed for EURUSD. However, you can test it on other symbols and trade them. The EA works on any timeframe.


It works better on EURUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. I also recommend leaving the default settings intact. Test the EA before using it on a real account.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


  1. Lots - Buy or Sell market order volume;
  2. Auto_Lots - automatic recalculation of opened order volume (0 - disabled);
  3. TakeProfit - TakeProfit level of Buy and Sell orders in points;
  4. StopLoss - StopLoss level of Buy and Sell orders in points;
  5. Trailing - enable/disable TrailingStop parameter;
  6. TrailingStop - TrailingStop level of Buy and Sell orders in points;
  7. Magic_buy - magic number of a Buy order;
  8. Magic_sell - magic number of a Sell order.

Recommended inputs for 4-digit quotes:

  1. Lots = 0.1;
  2. Auto_Lots = 5;
  3. TakeProfit = 20;
  4. StopLoss = 20;
  5. Trailing = true;
  6. TrailingStop = 4;
  7. Magic_buy = 1;
  8. Magic_sell = 2.

Recommended inputs for 5-digit quotes:

  1. Lots = 0.1;
  2. Auto_Lots = 5;
  3. TakeProfit = 200;
  4. StopLoss = 200;
  5. Trailing = true;
  6. TrailingStop = 40;
  7. Magic_buy = 1;
  8. Magic_sell = 2.
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