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The Expert Advisor uses an adaptive mathematical algorithm of searching for market entries.

Example of the EA operation:


The aggressive signal settings and Pct_MM = 30 are used for monitoring.

It can work on all major symbols.

and automatic position volume calculation in percentage of a deposit.

It can work together with other EAs, managing only its own position.

The EA can run on several instruments simultaneously.

The EA is able to work well both with small accounts and with large deposits.


  • Entry signals parameters:
    • Signal - entry signal value.
    • MA_Period - The period of the calculated moving average.
    • MA_Coef - The coefficient for the calculation of the moving average for the entry signals.
    • Fast_Signal - enable signal multiplicity.
  • Use_PendingOrder - enable pending orders.
  • Use_PendingTrailing - enable pending order trailing.
  • PendingOpen - distance in the symbol points to open a pending order.
  • PendingTrailingStep - trailing step for a pending order in the symbol points.
  • TakeProfit - desired position profit level in points.
  • StopLoss - stop loss level for a position in points.
  • Use_PositionTrailing - enable trailing of an open position.
  • Open position trailing parameters in points:
    • TrailingStart
    • TrailingStop
    • TrailingStep
  • Lot - fixed volume of a position, used if auto lot calculation is disabled.
  • Use_MM - enable the automatic calculation of the position volume.
  • Pct_MM - percent of free margin for the automatic lot calculation.
  • Use_INFO - enable information display on the chart.
  • ECN - type of the account used, TRUE is recommended.
  • SpreadLimit - maximum allowable spread in points.
  • Slippage - maximum allowable price slippage.
  • ExpertID - unique number of positions opened by the EA, used when other EAs simultaneously run on the same account.
  • Order_Comment - comment to positions opened by the EA.

For any questions or trade recommendations, please send me a private message or an email (email address is specified in the EA).

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